Tripods are required to lock the camera. They are indispensable for shooting at slow shutter speeds, using powerful zoom lenses and allow the photographer to take pictures of himself in the company of friends. The world of tripods and monopods is diverse. Not to get lost in it and make the right choice will help rating the best tripods for cameras and camcorders. We have selected the best options for monopods and tripods (floor and table), based on reviews and reviews from professionals. Our rating will help you determine which tripod is the best in a particular category.

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Tripod Reviews

#1 Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod


Highlights of Manfrotto PIXI:

Attractive Italian design

Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry

Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos

Lightweight, compact, reliable and stylish model takes first place in the ranking of the best table tripods. From the use of the tripod, buyers have only positive emotions. It allows you to work with the camera at a height of 13.5 centimeters. The maximum when folded, its length is 18.5 centimeters. Rounded legs allow you to use the model also as a handle for the camera when shooting “on hand”.

The tripod weighs only 200 grams, but confidently withstands the load of up to 1 kilogram. And this is not just a marketing ploy: Manfrotto PIXI Mini is suitable even for DSLR cameras with compact optics. It reliably fixes the camera, rubber pads of supports add stability. Even a child will understand a clear adjustment system: to change the position, you need to press only one button.

But macro photography enthusiasts will not appreciate the purchase: it is impossible to lower the camera vertically.

#2 JOBY GorillaPod Flexible Tripod


Highlights of JOBY GorillaPod:

Rubberized joint rings and feet

Jointed Legs for Diverse Support Options

Durable stainless steel and ABS plastic construction

A tripod that does not have a large set of functions, but will appreciate the price and simplicity of design. He weighs only 1.34 kg. The device is lightweight and durable, so it is suitable for street shooters. The height at which the camera will be: from 61 to 170 cm. The lifting mechanism and three sections for shifting allow you to smoothly change the height of the tripod. The tripod has a built-in level for the correct installation of the camera in a horizontal position.

You can hang a bag for a video camera on the bar – there is a separate hook for this. A tripod can support a camera weighing 4 kg – this is quite an impressive weight, so do not be afraid that the tripod will break. Included is a 3D head for pointing the camera. It rotates regardless of the position of the camera, is capable of taking panoramic shots. A case is also included with the device. A separate advantage of the model is the price. It is quite low, but the quality of the model is optimal. For those who are just starting to master shooting and do not want to overpay – this tripod is what you need.

#3 Cullmann Magnesit Copter Multiple Tripod


Highlights of Cullmann Magnesit Copter:

Mini Ball Head with Single Knob

Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Shoe Mount & 1/4″-20 Camera Screw

Concise, high-quality, comfortable. With these three words you can characterize this desktop tripod, capable of withstanding a device weighing up to 4 kilograms. Allows you to mount the camera at a minimum height of 10 centimeters. When folded, it reaches 16 centimeters and weighs only 180 grams, so it will be discreetly carried in a backpack or purse.

The tripod is made in a laconic design – there is nothing superfluous on it, only elements that perform certain functions. The legs of the model are made of a fairly strong aluminum alloy. I am not happy that the head is not included in the kit – it will have to be purchased separately. But you can quickly change them and use the tripod even with simple camcorders, not to mention DSLR cameras. In the reviews, buyers note that the stability of the model is excellent, and the technique does not hang on it.

#4 Velbon EX-Mini Tripod


Highlights of Velbon EX-Mini:

Includes 2-way pan and tilt head

Maximum Loading Weight: 1.5kg

Maximum Extended Height: 41.7cm

Externally reliable tripod for camcorders and cameras resembles classic tripods. The model has a central column, adjustable stretching amplifiers and two-section legs. Sophisticated design meets high requirements, but affects weight. Not everyone will decide to take an extra pound on vacation, but for home photo experiments – this is the best option. Using the Velbon EX-Mini, the camera is mounted in any position; the tripod is convenient for macro photography. The minimum height is only 19 centimeters. The maximum length for work is also pleasing – 41.7 centimeters, therefore it can also be used as a floor for “low” angles.

The 2D head, at first glance, seems uncomfortable, but among photographers there are fans of this particular camera position control system. Aligning the horizontal once, the photographer can only adjust the vertical position.

The stable tripod is designed for semi-professional and amateur cameras, but confusion has arisen with weight bearing. Most Internet resources show 2.5 kilograms, and 1.5 on the box.

#5 Sony VCT-AMP1 Monopod


Highlights of Sony VCT-AMP1:

Water resistant design

Quick expansion and contraction

Fix securely up to a length of 91.3cm (36″)

A table and manual tripod for video cameras, the shooting height of which varies from 23 to 93 cm. It is used as a selfie stick or put on three sliding legs directly on the table. The camera is securely fixed with a wheel. The control panel is inserted into the adapter, which is then placed in the clamps on the monopod. The whole structure is firmly fixed: nothing will loose in the process.

The camera on a monopod can be rotated 180 degrees and shoot yourself, others, do panoramic shooting. Video is displayed on the remote monitor, which is convenient for remote shooting. Monopod is very compact, fits in any bag. Its weight is only 0.16 kg – easy to hold in your hand, it will not get tired. You can take it with you on trips and to public events – the gadget will not be a problem and will not interfere. The fact that it is desktop makes it convenient for recording while working at the table or, for example, when shooting certain plans.

#6 Jmary 2264 Professional Tripod


Highlights of Jmary 2264:

Maximum load: 5 kgs

3-way Swivel Pan head

Light weight and easy to carry

It’s a pretty good tripod for fans. The legs of this tripod consist of three sections and end with rubber tips, from which spikes protrude. Therefore, you can stably install the model on any surface – slippery, loose, uneven, and so on. Equipment with a weight of up to 4 kilograms can hold a tripod, so it can easily be used even with professional cameras and good video cameras.

When folded, the length of the tripod is 57 centimeters and weighs almost 1.5 kilograms, which is not very convenient. Despite the weight, the tripod seems flimsy and not too stable, so it’s better not to overload it.

The maximum camera height is 1.76 meters. Although in the reviews, some buyers write that it is possible to achieve longer lengths if you try. For stability, you can hang a bag or additional load on a special hook. Conveniently, the tripod has a built-in level by which you can align the camera. The kit comes with a convenient carrying case.

#7 Hama Mini Ball Tilt Head Tripod


Highlights of Hama Mini Ball Tilt Head:

With ball tilt head

2-section tripod legs (extendible)

To allow you to achieve a range of heights:14-21cm

The first from the end in the ranking of desktop tripods was this model with telescopic two-section legs and a fairly decent length. A tripod allows you to use cameras and video cameras, but not too heavy – otherwise the supports will begin to fold.

As much as possible, you can raise equipment to a height of 21 centimeters. The minimum length is 14 centimeters. At the same time, the tripod is very light – only 110 grams. Therefore, it is convenient to carry it even with a large amount of equipment – the extra weight is almost invisible.

I am glad that the kit includes a ball head for shooting – for such a price it is simply a great solution. The legs have rubber tips, due to which they do not disperse when the camera is installed and do not slip on a smooth surface. By the way, this is a very cheap tripod, which affects quality somewhat – the model is suitable for not too demanding fans.

#8 Hama Star 62 Tripod


Highlights of Hama Star 62:

The 3D tilt head allows perfect alignment

Spirit level integrated into the tripod head

Quick-release plate for quickly changing the camera

A versatile lightweight tripod can handle a wide range of tasks. It is suitable for a budget segment camera and for a professional camera. The base of the legs have an enviable stability. In windy weather, a special hook is useful, on which the load is suspended. Comfortable height adjustment will appeal to photographers of different sizes. The height of the tripod is adjustable in the range from 66 to 166 centimeters, which is enough for most tasks. The kit comes with a nice carrying case.

The budget price does not give the right to rely on high quality plastic, but consumer complaints about the fragility of the design sound infrequently. Of the grounded claims: the lack of a smooth axial motion required for video cameras.

In general, for its price, HAMA Star-62 is the best tripod, which is confidently held in the ratings.

#9 Naluo Benro T600EX Portable Tripod


Highlights of Naluo Benro T600EX:

Max Load: 3kg

Material: Aluminium

Max height:1440mm, mini height:570mm

Silver picks up a Chinese tripod with excellent performance. It is quite stable and made simply – it has a minimum of moving parts. Mounts are two clips that are easy to open and close. Therefore, it is convenient for assembly-disassembly in place, and the minimum number of “weaknesses” makes the design more stable. A maximum of 146 centimeters can raise the camera on this tripod. At the same time, it adds up to 57 centimeters and weighs 1.46 kilograms.

It can hold equipment weighing up to 3 kilograms. It has a 3D head, which allows you to shoot at any angle without unnecessary rearrangement of the camera and tripod. A convenient lifting mechanism is available. I am not happy that the pen is located under the left hand, and some buyers in the reviews indicated that they were uncomfortable. But the head stroke is quite smooth compared to other models of this price category. So what can be called a tripod quite a successful acquisition for fans. A case is included.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the best tripod for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a cheap tripod I did not include, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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