Many people think that it is okay when purchasing their fishing gear to go all out in spending money on a great fly rod, but then pinch pennies on other gear. While getting a great fly rod is extremely important , purchasing the right fly reel to match the strength and flexibility of your fly rod is equally as pivotal in securing great catches.

Every reel at a given price point offers a unique combination of pros and cons, just as every angler and every fishing situation do. Take your time and be sure you understand the differences for each so that you can make an informed decision.

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Fly Fishing Reel Reviews

#1 Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel


When you are searching for the most effective fly fishing reel, this light-weight, corrosion resistant giving from Piscifun scores terribly high. it’s a sensible and very fashionable fly fishing reel that conjointly offers a definite price for cash proposition.

This weapon system Fly Fishing Reel may be a CNC-machined variant. It comprised of a preciseness CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminium alloy that guarantees a far higher degree of sturdiness, strength and lasting quality.

The arduous anodized surface of this fishing reel offers protection from potential abrasion and different connected harm potentialities. thus in terribly straightforward words, you’ve got a reasonably durable and sturdy fishing reel at your disposal.

This is conjointly a reasonably multi-functional one which will assist you target many varieties of fish at the same time.

#2 Redington Rise Fly Fishing Reel


Fly fishing for bass may be a abundant completely different activity than following them with ancient, spinning gear.

Whereas your reel is crucial once victimisation typical instrumentality, fly fishers seldom even interact their reels once following largemouth bass lunkers.

Typically, the fishing happens at shut vary and also the line is typically drawn in by hand whereas fighting the fish.

In this case, most fly fishing bass anglers target buying a functional, light-weight, and sturdy reel whereas payment their remaining cash on high-quality rods, lures, and line.

The Redington Rise 7/8 is a superb alternative because it is reasonable and light-weight, nonetheless still created with high-quality parts and craft.

One potential disadvantage to the Redington Rise is its comparatively weak drag system. however as most bass anglers palm the reel instead of counting on the drag, this is often a minor concern in most cases.

#3 Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel


Most of the Piscifun fly fishing reels are famed to ensure a superior expertise, nice quality product. They don’t simply boast of an excellent end however conjointly represent superlative user comfort.

No marvel then that the Piscifun Blaze fly fishing reel is taken into account one in every of the most effective fly fishing reels on the market within the market nowadays. These are terribly inexpensive and provides you a large vary fishing expertise. The frame is tempered and cold-forged guaranteeing rigidity and sturdiness altogether.

This too may be a CNC-machined aluminium reel rather like most different Piscifun product. As a result, sturdiness and strength are factors that you just don’t got to worry regarding during this fly fishing reel.

The best half is you are doing not would like extra tools to convert it as per your hand orientation. this is often conjointly a corrosion resistance fly fishing reel. As a result, you’ll be more well-off regarding victimisation it in any quite condition, and also the overall maintenance method becomes fairly straightforward.

Best For: Anglers who wish to form a statement!

#4 Orvis Hydros Sl Fly Reel


Orvis may be a name that’s as similar with fly fishing as Kleenex is with facial tissue. I learned to fly fish through an Orvis sponsored program, on Orvis gear. It’s an efficient selling tool!

The Hydros reel from Orvis options an outsized arbor for hyper speed retrieval rates and a sealed drag and bearing system.

You can take care with a bequest complete like Orvis that their reels are of the best quality. The Hydros SL options low tolerance machining, an oversized drag knob, and a slim spool to attenuate line stacking.

The large arbor and narrow spool means that less line memory and messes! All things thought of, i’d say the Orvis Hydros is one in every of the the most effective fly reels, particularly considering its affordable tag.

Best For: Anglers who wish the best quality name in fly fishing.

#5 Waterworks Lamson Guru 3.5 Fly Reel


It’s forever vital to induce the foremost bang for your buck, and this can be very true once choosing a fly reel.

Ready to flip your favorite 8- or 9-weight rod into a fish-catching machine, the Lamson Guru 3.5 may be a top-notch reel that’s each light-weight and rugged and weighs solely 5.59-ounces.

Exquisitely built, the US-made Guru 3.5 options variety of advanced style features that facilitate create it one in all the most effective fishing reels for the worth.

For example, the Guru 3.5’s arbor is very giant, whereas it’s dimension is narrower than that of the many different, similar reels. The spool is intended to produce the quickest doable retrieve rate, and therefore the enclosed counterbalance helps make sure the reel works swimmingly.

The machined drag knob is straightforward to grip and modify by feel, and it won’t force you to require your eyes of the fish throughout the warmth of the battle.

Finally, the reel even options a incurvate cross-sectional, that provides extra stability, and opened ports, to scale back the burden and improve the looks.

#6 Sage Fly Fishing Click Fly Reel


I gotta hand it to them. This we tend toll be the foremost sleek and chic wanting reel we review nowadays. i like the black and platinum version for its simplicity. Like an Apple product it evokes through simplicity.

Available in 4-reel sizes you must be ready to realize a setup for your wants. This one tips the worth vary back to the high aspect with options like carbon drag discs.

It’s a large arbor reel with an oversize handle for putting the hurt on those huge fishies. it’s a partly solid reel with machined finishes.

Best For: Those trying to find some distinctive high-end features and butter smooth drag.

#7 Goture Fly Fishing Reel Spark


With rave reviews from users and a skulking sleek black and red style, it evokes success. Note: it comes in 3 main colours.

Another machined reel with unblemished and aluminium parts, Goture went for a medium arbor style with this setup.

Like most reels during this category it options two ball bearings and one anti-reverse bearing system. I couldn’t realize the specs to inform what kind of drag system is within however users rave concerning the smoothness of operation.

With 3 sizes to decide on from it’s not as versatile as different reels we’ve reviewed however there ought to be an option for almost any fisherman.

Best For: Anglers on a budget seeking quality and responsibleness.

How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Reel

  • The Size of Fly Fishing Reels
  • Construction of the Fly Fishing Reel
  • Spool Style of this Reel
  • Drag System
  • Retrieval
  • Left or Right Combination

Let me help you understand a few of the most important factors in picking out a new fly fishing reel.

The Size of Fly Fishing Reels

It is essential to settle on the most effective size for your fishing career. once shopping for a reel, you must think about the dimensions and sort of your reels. If you were desperate to solid big gun, you must select the large one. So, there are totally different sizes of reels like massive, medium and little. the dimensions entirely depends on your fishing vogue. You won’t add the unessential weight in your reel as a result of that harms your fishing. i feel the dimensions ought to be chosen concerning your fishing sort and magnificence.

Construction of the Fly Fishing Reel

The best fly fishing reels are made up of dying cast materials or CNC machined metal. However, models manufactured from the top-grade metal square measure are designed to be light-weight and durable. metal models are recommended for salt water fishing since these reels aren’t suffering from rust or corrosion. Die forged fly fishing reels square measure priced considerably lower and didn’t appear to be as durable as metal. However, these fishing reels are a beautiful choice for beginners or weekend fishermen.

Spool Style of this Reel

Spools for the most effective fly fishing reels were originally made up of wood. However, the high price typically created them ineffective and impractical for anglers on a budget. Therefore, “cassette” fly reels, that use a customary spool made up of plastic, are straightforward to exchange once needed. The plastic spools together produce it just for you to use entirely totally different size lines whereas not having to vary the complete reel.

Drag System

The drag system may be a important thought, and it’ll even have an impact on the reel’s performance. There are 2 varieties of drag systems generally found on the most effective fly fishing reels. every sort has its options and advantages. The “spring and pawl” drag system was originally used on all fly reels. However, it entirely depends on internal gears to allow the road to flow at a sleek and steady rate. nonetheless, this sort of drag system is often recommended for trout and different little watercourse fish. Disc drag systems are what is more gaining in quality, and have the advantage of adjustability. the miscroscopic brake pad will apply tension to the road, and this drag system is supposed to be durable and high acting. Disc drag systems are also durable enough to resist the paths of brine fly fishing.


You want the most effective fly fishing reel to possess a sleek and economic retrieval system. Therefore, there are 3 sorts to settle on from. the primary characteristic is single action extraction, and these reels are also the most effective to use, whereas multiple work systems can give a faster retrieval rate, though this could be tough to reel inside the smaller fish unremarkably found in streams and rivers. If you wish a speedy recovery, you’re fishing in salt water; you must additionally select the most effective fly fishing reels.

Left or Right Combination

One characteristic to conceive is that if you want to use the reel together with your left or right; though, it got to be noted that there’s not a “right or wrong way.” Some anglers prefer to solid and management with their right hands then wind the road back in with their left. Most proficient anglers selectively chose a fly reel with an ambidextrous style for his or her actual specifications.


Buying an excellent fly fishing reel to match any rod setup doesn’t mean paying through the nose. whether or not you would like the evidenced high-end reliableness of a complete like Orvis or you’re willing to seek out a reel at any value there’s one thing for you.

Today’s fly fishing reels have higher elements, tighter machining tolerances, and every one around higher quality. several of the reels on our list have even been recently redone to enhance their performance from the makers.

Be sure to think about all of your wants before shopping for a reel. It’s vital to acknowledge that once it involves fly fishing, you’ll wish many totally different rod / reel mixtures. There’s no single excellent declare all fishing conditions and every one varieties of fish.

I hope this guide was helpful in picking the best fly fishing reel to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a reel I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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