Welcome to the future of photography! As we approach 2024, Canon is expected to be at the top of the chart in the camera industry with its state-of-the-art models. The future looks bright for Canon and its latest range of cameras.

Although this may seem like a good thing, it can also confuse photography lovers and professionals who may not know what to do with all the options available. However, there is nothing to worry about!

We bring you top-notch Canon cameras that are sure to leave you stunned because of their incredible features, unmatched technology, as well as superb picture quality.

To aid your decision to buy such a sophisticated piece of photography equipment, we present our reviews and guide on various Canon cameras. Prepare yourself for an amazing visual experience with these high-tech Canon cameras that are just hitting the shelves now – let’s get started!

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Quick Answer: The 10 Best Canon Cameras For 2024

  1. Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera
  2. Canon EOS R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera
  3. Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera
  4. Canon EOS R10 Mirrorless Camera
  5. Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera
  6. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR Camera
  7. Canon EOS R100 Mirrorless Camera
  8. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera
  9. Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera
  10. Canon PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera

Here is an overview of the features of our top 3 choices. Our guide and comparison table of top canon cameras will help you find the best choice for yourself.

Best Canon Cameras

Canon EOS R5Canon EOS R6 Mark IICanon EOS R3
Canon EOS R5 1Canon EOS R6 Mark II 1Canon EOS R3 1
Sensor Size:Full-FrameFull-FrameFull-Frame
Megapixels(MP):32,5 MP24,2 MP24,1 MP
Video Capabilities:8K UHD 4320p, 30fps4K 60p UHD, 30fps6K 60p RAW, 4K 120p, 60fps
Best For:The best Canon camera overallThe best Canon EOS R5 alternativeBest Canon camera for professionals
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Canon Camera Reviews

#1 Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R5


  • Full frame CMOS
  • Fully articulating 3.15-inch touchscreen
  • 12fps mechanical and 20fps electronic shutter

The Canon EOS R5 is equipped with a 45-megapixel sensor that takes breathtaking photos; there is even a mode for 400-megapixel images. It can shoot continuously at speeds of up to twenty frames per second making it the ideal tool for capturing moving targets that are just too quick for the eye.

However, the video capabilities of the EOS R5 are incomparable. It records stunning RAW 8K footage at 30 frames per second and provides oversampled 4K HQ alternatives too. Although a few people experienced heat-related problems with their units, we haven’t had any problems of that nature!

The Canon EOS R5 has even received several accolades for having the fastest focus system ever provided in cameras today (Dual Pixel CMOS AF II) than its rivals such as the Sony A9 III and Nikon Z8/Z9.

In addition to this, the camera has other numerous features like weather sealing for toughness against weather, image stabilization of up to eight stops, as well as compatibility with quick CFexpress B cards. The Canon EOS R5 is truly one of the best Canon cameras money can buy in 2024!

Reasons to buy:

  • Produces an incredible image quality
  • Shoots exceptional 8K videos

Reasons to avoid:

  • The 4K video quality is sub-par
  • Has a few recording limitations


#2 Canon EOS R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R6 Mark II


  • No recording time limits
  • Full-frame mirrorless camera
  • 12fps mechanical and 40fps electronic shutter

There is no doubt that Canon EOS R6 Mark II is Canon’s most outstanding camera yet. It comes with amazing features such as; a sensor with higher resolution, quicker e-shutter burst shooting, 4K video without crop or loss, and no time limit for recording.

For advanced photographers and videographers who want an all-rounder in this range of prices, this is the best choice. However, it falls short in terms of lens options when compared to rivals due to third-party licensing restrictions.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about since there is a solution – just use an additional EF-EOS R lens adapter and you will be able to mount any EF lens on the R6 II. This guarantees that you will have a broad range of lenses to use in your photography.

This camera has everything such as reliable autofocus capabilities, comfortable ergonomics, and state-of-the-art video features like eye-tracking AF in videos. No matter if you fall into the category of an enthusiast-level shooter or a highly experienced pro, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is a set-and-forget camera system that will never fail you in taking breathless pictures and footage.

It’s one of the best Canon cameras that is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their photography game!

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a well-built weather-sealed body
  • The autofocus is just brilliant

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not quite portable
  • Has a slow buffer empty time


#3 Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R3


  • Eye Control Auto Focus
  • 24MP Stacked CMOS sensor
  • Capable of 6K60 Raw video outputs

Among all other cameras manufactured by Canon, the Canon EOS R3 is truly remarkable (undoubtedly one of the best Canon cameras to buy in 2024.

It has a grip which is a favorite for professionals due to which it remains very compact and portable in size just like the Nikon Z9. It is now possible to capture moving targets using a 24MP Stacked CMOS sensor that allows for high-speed shooting at up to 30fps with subject tracking.

However, it is the unique characteristics of this camera that distinguish it from the rest. Eye Control Autofocus employs eye-tracking technology to achieve accurate focus on subjects, while the HDR EVF is bright and offers a well-detailed view during photography.

The EOS R3 can be used for taking pictures of different kinds like sports, wildlife, news coverage, weddings, and even cinema shootings for which it has a versatile sensor that records both 6K60 Raw and 4K120 slow-motion formats.

This camera might target professional photographers more at $7,000 ($4,500 for the body alone). Nevertheless, amateurs who can afford such high-cost equipment will be happy with it. The EOS R3 is truly a powerhouse among cameras and sets the standard for all-around excellence!

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a well-built weather-sealed body
  • The autofocus is just brilliant

Reasons to avoid:

  • The Eye Control focus isn’t that great
  • The USB-C charging support is a bit finicky at times


#4 Canon EOS R10 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R10


  • 15fps burst captures
  • 4K60 video with great quality
  • Fast and reliable autofocus

Priced at approximately $1,100, the Canon EOS R10 is a packed-with-features yet affordable mid-range camera. It is adaptable and suits different kinds of creators whether amateurs or professionals with very attractive pricing to all at around $1,100.

The EOS R10 is user-friendly with the auto mode that has some tricks in it like a phase detection autofocus (which is also available in dual pixel version) that works great even for the lowest experienced users, front-facing screen for vlogging designed especially for beginners and an inbuilt flash that can be turned on with ease.

It has a maximum burst rate of 15fps and can record 4K60 video; hence the EOS R10 would be ideal for taking fast-paced movie clips and high-resolution video footage. Despite being the cheapest EOS R model, it has favorable controlling properties that make it easy to operate even for those who are using the Canon system for the first time.

If you are considering buying your first mirrorless camera for photography class or want an upgrade from compact point-and-shoot, then this is the right product for you. Even though the automatic mode is capable of producing decent images, this EOS R10 also provides an opportunity to gather experience on how to use manuals.

It is priced reasonably and comes with many strengths; therefore you should think of buying the Canon EOS R10 as one of your options when shopping for a digital camera.

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely affordable at $1100 (with a lens)
  • Supports all Canon SLR lenses via an adapter

Reasons to avoid:

  • The image sensor isn’t stabilized
  • Battery life isn’t up to the mark


#5 Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R50


  • Lot of intelligent auto-shooting modes
  • Uses the same RF lens mount as seen on the Canon EOS R8/R6 Mark II
  • Comes with a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and a DIGIC X processor

In need of a mirrorless camera that is not expensive? Then you should check out the Canon EOS R50 (one of the best Canon cameras to buy in 2024 with a low budget). It is compact, light, and easy to carry around hence very good for normal day photography or photojournalism.

It has a user-friendly interface with an option for amateurs to use the autofocus function, and professionals will take stunning photos with a similar sensor to the one on Canon EOS R10 which costs more in the market.

Although the R50 has a less sophisticated phase-detection AF system than competing models, it still works just fine. Additionally, the camera uses an RF lens mount that can accommodate APS-C as well as full-frame RF lenses, which is a flexible choice for those who want to learn and improve their skills as photographers.

If your budget is even tighter, there’s a cheaper alternative known as Canon EOS M50 Mark II. Nevertheless, one should note that the M50 Mark II utilizes an EF-M lens mount and does not have certain specifications seen in the R50 like 4K video capability.

Despite these disparities, both types of cameras remain great choices for individuals with limited financial resources and who intend to take photos or record videos of high resolution!

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to control and a great option for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable

Reasons to avoid:

  • The battery life isn’t that great (you might need a spare battery)
  • Noticeable rolling shutter effect while recording action videos


#6 Canon EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel SL3


  • DSLR camera with an APS-C sensor
  • 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen
  • Record up to 4K UHD at 25fps

The Canon R5 is perhaps the best option that can go for serious photographers. However, this is not a camera for all because it is too costly and overpowered. On the other hand, the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is priced cheaply but able to do many things; therefore a smart choice for photography students and beginners.

This is an ideal starting point for the Canon ecosystem, which remains effective with a 24.1MP APS-C sensor that has a great image quality. Even though it may not have some of the advanced options seen on mirrorless cameras, the Rebel SL3 excels in its role as an educational tool.

The camera is lightweight and easy to hold for long periods of photography without tiring out users. Moreover, it accepts any EF or EF-S lens, which is compatible with Canon’s mirrorless EOS R system and augurs well for future enhancements of equipment.

To sum up, the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is one of the best Canon cameras (DSLR) to buy in 2024 under budget for beginners! Therefore, if you’re a beginner and you want to venture into photography or you’re just being economical, don’t hesitate a bit to try the SL3 out!

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to use DSLR for beginners (and is lightweight too)
  • Ergonomics are far better than some new-age cameras

Reasons to avoid:

  • The body is quite large when compared to its mirrorless rivals
  • Only a few AF points


#7 Canon EOS R100 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R100


  • Mirrorless 24.1MP camera
  • 6.5fps maximum continuous shooting speed
  • Record up to 4K at 25fps (max crop of 1.55x)

Mirrorless cameras are the perfect tool for any upcoming photographer who wants to venture into photography. It is easy to understand exposure settings in a fun way with mirrorless cameras since they have a viewfinder as well as an LCD screen. The EOS R100 from Canon goes a step further with this idea by introducing a guided user interface that makes it easier for beginners to get the desired effects quickly.

Although this might seem like a beginner’s camera, the R100 is anything but that. It has Canon’s trusted 24.1MP sensor packed inside for those clean detailed images. Moreover, filmmakers will find a useful addition in the form of a microphone input socket to enhance video sound. Nevertheless, there are certain weaknesses in the video section like crop factor and absence of Dual Pixel Autofocus.

The compact nature of the R100 makes it ideal for the swift photographer who is always taking quick shots while on the move. It is also small enough to fit comfortably in any bag without being a burden. Nonetheless, users complain that it doesn’t provide an easy grip. Lastly, it has a fixed touchscreen without any form of touch-control feature like other modern cameras have.

To sum up, the Canon EOS R100 is an excellent entry-level camera that combines simplicity and top-notch quality. Although it is not without disadvantages with regards to videos and how ergonomic it is, these are outweighed by its user-friendly nature and superb picture resolution. This is a camera that one should think of buying if he or she wants to start photography!

Reasons to buy:

  • Considering the price it comes in, the image quality is great
  • It comes with guided menus to help you learn

Reasons to avoid:

  • There is no touchscreen
  • Limited ISO range


#8 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR


  • 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor
  • 7.0fps continuous shooting speed
  • DIGIC 6+ Image Processor for improved image quality

Despite the popularity of mirrorless cameras, Canon is still seen as a dependable brand for top-notch DSLRs. In this category, we have the full-frame EOS 5D Mark IV which is arguably one of the most superior products for photographers. Professionals prefer this camera because it is tough with a good reason.

This camera is very tough and can serve a professional for a long time without any technical damage. It comes with a 30.4MP sensor which gives one enough space to crop and edit but still maintain the quality of an image. Moreover, it has good ISO and dynamic capabilities that allow it to create clean shots even under very difficult lighting conditions.

The EOS 5D Mark IV can be used with many different lenses because of Canon’s EF mount. Although it costs approximately $2,300 and may not be affordable to everyone, there are cheaper alternatives in Canon’s 5D range that don’t lack quality or functionality either.

In conclusion, it is a high-priced product but not without reason as it offers great solutions for those who demand high quality in the market.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a high-res sensor which gives a lot of leeway for cropping
  • The dynamic range is just excellent

Reasons to avoid:

  • Quite bulky- not easy to handle for vloggers
  • There is a noticeable rolling shutter effect in FHD


#9 Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 90D


  • 32.5 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor
  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to 10fps
  • 4K UHD 30P/Full HD 120P video

Photographers have found a liking in the Canon 90D because it is packed with state-of-the-art technology yet cost-effective. Even when compared with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS-1D X Mark III which are considered more expensive options, a lot of customers would go for the 90D as it is cheaper.

It might seem like a wiser investment to buy a mirrorless camera system, which can be seen in the market at higher prices; however, this is an excellent piece for all those who want something different from that available through DSLRs alone at such costs.

The Canon 90D is a remarkable piece of DSLR that carries some great specifications on paper but comes at an affordable price too. Although it has a reasonable speed when you compare it with other models available in the economic price segment, it does not match the burst rates of the highest-level cameras.

Some photographers may find it more comfortable using DSLRs than mirrorless cameras because of their larger size and optical viewfinders. The Canon 90D also has a better battery life compared to mirror cameras hence one will be required to change batteries less often or carry few of them while going for a shoot.

In conclusion, this is a top-notch expensive kind of DSLR that one can afford after saving up for some time. Truly one of the best Canon cameras to buy in 2024!

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely value for money
  • Comes with a fully articulated touchscreen

Reasons to avoid:

  • Its 10fps burst rate is not that fast
  • The buffer capacity is not that impressive


#10 Canon PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera

Canon PowerShot V10


  • 20.9MP with a 1-inch CMOS sensor
  • 2-inch 180° tilting touchscreen
  • 4K 30P with a max. recording time of 1hr

For those who want something simple to operate and contains everything inside, one model that they should think of is the PowerShot V10. This is a specialized vlogging tool that has been made by Canon to ensure that users get very good quality pictures with little or no technical input.

This camera is very compact, just like a pack of cigarettes or the size of an LCD screen on other cameras, but not heavy at all so that one can carry it easily anywhere. It’s very easy to operate the PowerShot V10– simply press the record button and place it on the table with the help of the stand that comes with the camera.

You don’t have to worry about messing around with difficult codecs or settings; this unit works just like your ordinary mobile phone– point, shoot, and have fun. However, despite being small in size, the camera comes with some incredible specifications like an effective touch screen, autofocus, and many more features designed to give you great picture and video quality.

The PowerShot V10 eliminates the need for YouTubers/vloggers to be concerned about adjusting lenses and setting up their shots before recording; it does all that work on your behalf. It’s an ideal choice for people who want foolproof alternatives producing top-notch pictures easily without stress or technicalities!

Reasons to buy:

  • The PowerShot V10 is an all-in-one vlogging solution
  • It is pocket-sized and even comes with a stand

Reasons to avoid:

  • It has a fixed wide-angle focal length
  • The lens is quite prone to fingerprints


Canon Camera Comparison Table

Canon CameraSensor Size:Megapixels(MP):Video Capabilities:Rating
Canon EOS R5Canon EOS R5 2Full-Frame32,5 MP8K UHD 4320p, 30fps4.6 / 5.0
Canon EOS R6 Mark IICanon EOS R6 Mark II 2Full-Frame24,2 MP4K 60p UHD, 30fps4.8 / 5.0
Canon EOS R3Canon EOS R3 2Full-Frame24,1 MP6K 60p RAW, 4K 120p, 60fps4.3 / 5.0
Canon EOS R10Canon EOS R10 2APS-C24,2 MP4K 60p, 30fps4.6 / 5.0
Canon EOS R50Canon EOS R50 2APS-C24,2 MP4K 60p, 30fps4.6 / 5.0

Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Canon EOS Rebel SL3 2APS-C24,1 MP4K 60p, 25fps4.7 / 5.0

Canon EOS R100
Canon EOS R100 2APS-C24,1 MP4K 60p, 24fps4.3 / 5.0
Canon EOS 5D Mark IVCanon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR 2Full-Frame30,4 MP4K 60p, 30fps4.7 / 5.0
Canon EOS 90DCanon EOS 90D 2APS-C32,5 MP4K 60p, 30fps4.7 / 5.0
Canon PowerShot V10Canon PowerShot V10 21-Inch CMOS20,9 MP4K 30p, 30fps4.0 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Canon Camera

Purchasing a camera is both thrilling and intimidating. It is hard to determine the appropriate choice for your requirements considering the numerous alternatives in the market today.

Whether you are an experienced photographer or a person who just wants to take pictures for fun and keep them in albums – a plain buying guide will be of use to you in making up your mind easily.

Firstly, before going into detail about features and prices, think about the kind of photography that you will do most often. Do you prefer taking pictures of landscapes? Or maybe you like shooting people? By doing this, you will make your options easier and make sure that you buy the right camera for yourself in the end.

When you’ve identified roughly what kind of photography you’ll be doing most often, remember to set a budget. The cost of cameras can vary greatly, starting from cheap beginner models and ending with expensive professional equipment, so narrowing down available options by price is important too.

Now we will discuss the main features that one should pay attention to while buying a camera:

1. Sensor Size

This factor determines the amount of light that can be captured by the camera, and hence, it affects the quality of the picture taken.

In general, larger sensors give better results but also cost more.

2. Resolution (Megapixels)

It is the pixels that make up an image and determine the quality of the image.

A camera with many megapixels will enable one to get a good print of a very large picture or crop away part of an image and still leave behind enough detail.

3. Autofocus System

A fast and reliable autofocus system becomes very essential when taking photographs of moving objects or engaging in sports.

Specifically, look out for cameras that have many focus points and can take pictures very quickly one after another (i.e., in continuous mode).

4. Lens Compatibility

Most cameras have interchangeable lenses, so make sure you know what kind of lens mount your camera uses and whether there are many options available for it in the marketplace.

5. LCD Screen

Some photographers like using the viewfinder while others prefer the LCD screen to frame their shots.

If that sounds interesting to you, then consider screens with high resolution and touch capabilities.

6. Video Capabilities

Many modern cameras now offer excellent video recording features in addition to taking photos.

In case you prioritize video capture, check for the maximum video resolution and frame rate of the camera.

In conclusion, it is advisable to test the camera first to determine if it is okay. Learn about the buttons and menus, try all the different types of modes provided, and determine whether the camera is comfortable to hold.

Keep in mind that user-friendliness is as important as specifications!

How Did We Select the Top 10 Canon Cameras?

To identify the best-selling Canon cameras, one must do more than just write down some of the most common models. We are serious with our Canon camera choices at Trizily and ensure that every product on our list is unique. This section will reveal every criterion we tested these cameras on!

1. Personal experience

Each camera included in the list has been used by all members of our team because we are a team of passionate photographers.

We appreciate the value of practical experience in determining the quality of cameras. Through this, we can give you firsthand information on how each camera performs and what it can do.

2. Real-world testing

Cameras should undergo testing under natural conditions intended for them.

Therefore, we take every camera wildlife camera out in the field for wildlife photography, and in the case of sports cameras, we use them in taking sporting events pictures.

By doing this we can determine if these cameras work well in their particular fields of specialization.

3. Professional working environment

In addition, we put these cameras to use in their respective environments of a high standard whereby we take them on hired jobs for clients.

This helps us know how these varieties cope in difficult conditions and under different lights.

4. Considered factors

We understand that a great camera goes beyond numbers; therefore, we look at several features when analyzing every model.

Some of these factors are the functions, features, ergonomics, ease of use, picture quality, weather sealing, selling price, and cost of batteries.

By considering each of these elements, we make certain that our choices are suitable for all kinds of photographers.

5. Scientific testing

Dynamic range test criteria: We analyze a camera’s ability to capture details in both the brightest and darkest parts using DxO’s transmissive chart which has a range of about 13.3 stops.

Noise test criteria: Additionally, we even examine the signal-to-noise ratio of RAW and JPG files at various ISO settings with DxO Analyzer. This way we can know whether the image quality is still good even when using very high ISO settings.

Through relying upon personal experience, real-world testing, conducive working conditions, relevant factors taken into account, and application of scientific testing methods, we managed to identify the best Canon cameras to buy in 2024!

We believe that this explanation about how we arrived at our choices may assist you in making the right decision on which camera to buy from our inventory.

The Bottom Line

It is important to select the appropriate camera so that we can remember the good times. This complete guide on the 10 best Canon cameras for 2024 is intended to make your decision process a little easier and limit your options.

Given the pace at which technology is advancing, one can only guess what amazing functionalities would be integrated into these cameras. Purchase these highest-selling Canon cameras and enhance your photography skills today!

I hope you have found the best canon camera for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a canon camera I did not include, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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