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Each profession requires the use of specialized tools. Voice recorder is a gadget associated with journalism. But recordings in audio format may be needed not only for interviews. A writer, poet, scientist, student, schoolchild, and simply any person, using a voice recorder, will save important thoughts, necessary information.

Portable recorders compete with voice recorders in this market segment. The main differences between these devices are as follows:

  • Voice recorders: are simple devices for recording voice. The most common applications are interviews, lectures, and voice memos. Voice recorders are designed in a compact case, they operate on batteries for a long time. These devices do not require high computing power, they need only a small amount of internal memory. The devices are presented in all price categories, from economy class to premium.
  • Portable recorders: are advanced devices that can safely be called a full-fledged multi-channel recording studio. Simple models can record 2 channels, while more equipped models can record 4 or 6 channels at the same time. Many recorders are complemented by a pair of microphones for recording stereo signals with very high quality. Portable recorders are suitable for recording rehearsals or concerts, sound recordings for video recording, preparing a demo on the road, as well as any high-quality sound recording in the field.

Leading manufacturers of voice recorders and portable recorders (Olympus, Sony, Tascam, Zoom) and other companies are carefully working on the creation of each model, equipped with functionality that can cope with tasks of one or another complexity. With such a wide assortment, it is difficult for consumers to decide what parameters the device they need to have in order for the ratio of price, quality and service life to be optimal.

We present you the rating of the best voice recorders and portable recorders, which will help in choosing the current device. When distributing positions in the TOP, the following were taken into account:

  • Device characteristics (number of communication channels, built-in memory, weight, etc.)
  • Value for money
  • Customer reviews
  • Expert opinions.

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Quick Answer: The 15 Best Voice Recorders For 2023

  1. Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder
  2. Olympus WS-852 Voice Recorder
  3. Philips DVT2000 Voice Tracer Digital Recorder
  4. Philips DVT1110 Digital Voice Tracer Audio Recorder
  5. Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder
  6. Olympus VP-10 Voice Recorder
  7. Sony ICD-TX650 Voice Recorder
  8. Sony ICD-TX800 Digital Voice Recorder
  9. Olympus DM-720 Voice Recorder
  10. Edic-mini Tiny+ B76 Voice Recorder
  11. Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder
  12. Zoom H1n Handy Recorder
  13. Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder
  14. Tascam DR-44WL Audio Recorder
  15. Olympus LS-P2 Linear PCM Recorder

Voice Recorder Reviews

Best Inexpensive Voice Recorders

#1 Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD PX370 Mono

Highlights of Sony ICD-PX370:

Up to 57 hours of battery life

Record MP3 audio quickly and simply

Auto Voice Rec reduces ambient noise

It seems that Sony set a goal to present the simplest and most trouble-free voice recorder on the market and successfully implemented its plans in the form of the ICD-PX370 model. It is good in it that the sound is recorded in mp3 format, which means that you can immediately listen to files without any processing on any mp3 device, and besides, they take up minimal disk space (4GB, there is an extension option). To optimize the recording quality under certain conditions, you can choose one of the modes – lecture, music, conversation, etc.

Of particular note is the noise reduction function. In most budget voice recorders, recording in a crowded place is a weak point, but Sony is an exception: it can filter out spurious sounds unambiguously, and with the automatic sensitivity adjustment, the gadget is completely capable of miracles.

It is noteworthy that it connects directly to the computer via a retractable USB module. Special memory is provided in the internal memory, which is activated immediately when connected to a PC and serves to quickly and easily organize valuable data.

#2 Olympus WS-852 Voice Recorder

Olympus WS 852

Highlights of Olympus WS-852:

4 gigabyte internal memory

Voice Filter makes playback more clearly

The built-in stand prevents surface vibration

It doesn’t matter whether recording is carried out outdoors or indoors, in a conference room or at arm’s length, hidden or open, this recorder captures sound in an impressive quality. This is what the manufacturer claims, which there is no reason not to trust, and so say the users who record in different conditions.

The device is controlled mechanically through conveniently located buttons. The menu is intuitive to everyone who was holding a push-button mobile phone.

Another interesting feature of the model is the built-in USB plug, which provides a direct connection to a PC without an additional cable. When connected, it can work as a microphone. To minimize the effect of vibration during recording, the manufacturer has provided a support leg, with which you can install the recorder on the table surface. In general, Olympus tried its best this time, and the only drawback of the WS-852 is its battery operation (2xAA), although this is more plus for people who often travel on business trips.

#3 Philips DVT2000 Voice Tracer Digital Recorder

Philips DVT2000

Highlights of Philips DVT2000:

Superior voice recording

Easy and intuitive experience

Backlight display for easy file navigation

The best budget voice recorder is the Philips brand. Experts highly appreciate the characteristics of the device, in particular the quality of the stereo recording that the recorder demonstrates in the field. The two-channel device is an excellent option for creating voice notes on trips and travels.

Features of the model:

  • The ability to use the device as a voice recorder, clock, MP3-player and flash drive. The device is equipped with voice activation – this option saves recording time, you do not have to flip through “silence”, for example, when listening to a recorded lecture. In the reviews, they thank the manufacturer for the presence of indicators of the battery charge and the remaining recording time – relevant characteristics that help users to “calculate power”.
  • The set includes headphones and a USB cable. On the device’s body there is a microphone input – an important aspect, who is used to making audio recordings through a microphone. The internal memory is 4 GB – a good indicator, especially considering the support for microSD and microSDHC. The built-in speaker is useful for quick listening to the material.

This is a compact (3.8 * 11.1 * 1.9 cm) and lightweight (49 g without battery) voice recorder, whose operating time is limited to 38 hours. With high quality, it can be recorded up to 23 hours, and in low quality up to 270 hours. One of the best models in its price segment according to experts and buyers!

#4 Philips DVT1110 Digital Voice Tracer Audio Recorder

Philips DVT1110

Highlights of Philips DVT1110:

One-touch operation

PC connection for plug & play

4 GB built in for extra long recording hours

Philips does not lose popularity in the electronics market, so among the less hyped Rhythms and Zumov, the DVT1110 recorder arouses understandable interest among potential buyers. Even more, it is heated by an unusually low value for this brand, in the reviews they even try to clarify if this is fake.

Despite the cheapness, the model is made qualitatively, equipped with a jack for an external microphone and headphones, as well as a speaker with a diameter of 20 mm, which allows it to play recordings quite loudly.

A clear advantage over devices from the same price segment is the microphone sensitivity setting. With it, you can select the quality of the recorded sound depending on the distance to the source. Another feature is also convenient – automatic separation of large audio files, for example, hours-long meetings.

Users are satisfied with their purchase, considering it to be the best choice in terms of price / quality ratio and only referring to the lack of a built-in battery. As practice shows, this minus is easily leveled if you use rechargeable batteries.

Best Voice Recorders: Price – Quality

#5 Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder

Olympus WS 853

Highlights of Olympus WS-853:

8GB of Internal Memory

High quality MP3 recording

Playback speed control 0.5X to 2.0X

On the domestic market, the recorder from Olympus has proven itself well. The advantages of the model are more than enough: it holds the battery perfectly, and is equipped with a retractable USB that you don’t even need a cord, there is a stand at a convenient angle (45 degrees) directly on the case – a find, in a word.

Features of the model:

  • The package includes batteries and a case.
  • High quality microphone – literally every rustle hears.
  • The internal memory of the device is 8 GB and the ability to connect external.
  • Recording time up to 130 hours with high quality.

The recorder is moderately compact, however, it is most likely not suitable for covert recording. This is a great solution for audio recording lectures and interviews. In addition, the model is distinguished by indexing each record, locking buttons to prevent accidental pressing and the ability to pause the sound recording.

#6 Olympus VP-10 Voice Recorder

Olympus VP 10

Highlights of Olympus VP-10:

Four Recording Scene Modes

High-Quality Stereo Recording

The Anti-Rustle filter cuts rustling noise

The Olympus recorder with two recording channels could easily end up in the James Bond arsenal. This compact model is slightly larger than a ballpoint pen, mounted on a pocket or collar, allows you to record everything and everything, remaining hidden from the eyes of strangers. It is enough to set the settings at which the friction noise on the clothes will be minimal – and “Voila!”, Click on “Play”.

Features of the model:

  • The ability to connect the recorder directly to the computer.
  • Intuitive and intuitive controls.
  • Excellent recording quality even from a bag or jacket.
  • Convenient to press a button.

The reviews enthusiastically write about stereo microphones. The clip reliably fixes the device, you can not be afraid that it will fall at the most inopportune moment. A good non-voracious battery – experts say in their recommendations for purchase.

#7 Sony ICD-TX650 Voice Recorder

Sony ICD TX650

Highlights of Sony ICD-TX650:

Store over 4000 files

Built-in micro USB connecter

Intelligent noise cut playback

“Everything is perfect in this model!” Say the buyers in the reviews. Let’s sort it out in order. Before us is a stylish and compact voice recorder that is not ashamed to put in front of you on the table, for example, during an interview. Not only will the device fit even in a shirt pocket (2.0 * 10.2 * 0.7 cm), it will also perfectly record the sound from there – an ideal solution for hidden use, because even the “work light” will not give you away. The interface is clear and extremely simple – even a child will understand. Such a gadget weighs only 29 g – and this, together with the battery, is fantastic!

Features of the model:

  • 16 GB of internal memory – you can simply forget that the space on the media runs out, this is enough for hundreds of hours of recording.
  • 2 channels (stereo) recording – high sound quality.
  • The maximum recording time is 15 hours.

The recorder boasts an abundance of functions – pause, timer recording, clock, voice activation, change in microphone sensitivity. The manufacturer indicates that the recorder can create up to 400 folders and more than 4,000 messages. Comes with headphones, a cord for the computer and a leather case. Another plus is a reliable metal bracket for engaging in the pocket of a shirt or jacket. If you need to record lectures or take audio notes – this is what you need!

Best Voice Recorders of The Premium Class

#8 Sony ICD-TX800 Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD TX800

Highlights of Sony ICD-TX800:

Compact, portable design

170+ Hours of maximum recording time

Control recording from afar with REC Remote

New to the market is the dictaphone model from Sony. Having familiarized yourself with the characteristics, you understand that the owner of the device is very, very lucky. This unit boasts 16 GB of internal memory – one of the best indicators among the rating nominees.

Features of the model:

  • Included is a remote control.
  • The ability to control the recorder via Bluetooth through a special application.
  • Compactness (3.8 * 3.8 * 1.4 cm) and lightness (22 grams, taking into account the battery) is a very suitable device for hidden audio recording.
  • The maximum recording time is 238 hours.

Among the basic functions, voice activation that is relevant for users, saving battery power. This model can be used as a flash drive and an MP3 player. One communication channel does not adversely affect the quality of the sound recording – this is confirmed by customers in the reviews and experts in the recommendations.

#9 Olympus DM-720 Voice Recorder

Olympus DM 720

Highlights of Olympus DM-720:

Transcription mode

Direct connection to PC

The 3-microphone “TRESMIC” system

This model of the recorder allows blind people to lead a full-fledged business life – to participate in conferences, record interviews and lectures, attend negotiations, without losing a single important moment. The device is controlled without the involvement of third parties thanks to a multilingual voice guide, large embossed buttons with markings and instructions specially designed so that you can deal with it blindly.

The model is positioned as a Hi-End class and justifies its high “position in society” using first-class materials (the case is made of aluminum), thoughtful equipment (the set includes an AAA battery and clip for convenient wearing on clothes or bags), as well as unique recording technologies sound.

One of them – the TRESMIC system – consists of two stereo microphones and one bi-directional microphone, giving the most accurate and lively audio recording in mp3 / pcm format. If recording is carried out in a noisy environment, the Zoom and Scene Select modes help to record better.

#10 Edic-mini Tiny+ B76 Voice Recorder

Edic mini Tiny B76

Highlights of Edic-mini Tiny+ B76:

Tiny dimensions (31x25x6 mm)

High sensitivity and low noise level

Battery life in record mode up to 25 hours

The 16-gram voice recorder with the Edik-Mini brand digital marker system is a miniature device that many have adapted for recording lectures, taking interviews and creating voice notes, including in a mode hidden from prying eyes.

Features of the model:

  • One recording channel (mono), offering excellent sound quality nonetheless.
  • Built-in memory of 4 GB.
  • The maximum recording time is 150 hours.
  • Recording functions with different quality, timer, voice activation.
  • Loop Recording Mode.

In the reviews, buyers write that the recorder is password protected – an actual option for those who do not want to be heard by someone else in case of loss of the device. Connection to the computer is via the included USB adapter.

Best Portable Recorders

#11 Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

Zoom H6 Six Track

Highlights of Zoom H6 Six-Track:

Wired remote control

Six tracks of simultaneous recording

XYH-5 shockmounted X/Y mic capsule

The price category of the presented model is close to professional analogues of portable recorders. The functionality that it has is also on the level. Three built-in microphones and six recording channels allow you to capture in perfect quality a large polyphonic conference, any format of a concert, sounds of nature and so on.

Convenient ergonomics of the buttons make it possible to easily and quickly adjust the desired parameters. Plastic coated with Soft-touch, high-quality assembly, color display with backlight (2 inches) – distinguish the device, providing it with a presentable appearance. A quick start of the recording will not let you miss important points, and a duration of 21 hours will not make the device turn off at the most inopportune time.

The device looks impressive, it does not differ in compactness (78 x 153 x 48 mm) and low weight (280 g without battery). Sometimes this can be a drawback, especially in the work of journalists – the dimensions attract too much attention.

#12 Zoom H1n Handy Recorder


Highlights of Zoom H1n:

Distortion-Free Recording

Built-in 90˚ X/Y Microphones

Enhanced Playback and Control

Back in 2010, the Zum bestseller was released – the H1 recorder, which was very successful thanks to the right price / quality ratio. H1n – its update with a rethought design, new auto start functions and several additional recording modes.

The location of the microphone capsules remained in the previous configuration – XY, which is typical for all Zoom recorders. The maximum sound pressure level is 120 GB, and this is enough for high-quality recording of a rock concert. Needless to say, phonographing a lecture from a distance or a noisy meeting – everything is new to the new product; thanks to it, sound is obtained everywhere in quality.

The device has a lot of pleasant chips: the function of slowing down speech during playback, the ability to record in several layers, the licenses for Cubase and Wavelab programs in the kit. In addition to the list of advantages, the presence of a speaker on the front panel and a thread for a tripod is often mentioned – due to this construct, the recorder can be installed on a video camera to record video with the highest quality voice acting. In general, a great device for video bloggers, journalists and musicians.

#13 Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder


Highlights of Tascam DR-05:

Peak reduction function

Tempo change (VSA) function

Built-in omni-directional microphones

The Tascam DR-05 is considered the best portable recorder due to the main purpose of all recording audio devices – to obtain crystal clear, deep sound and the ability to pick up even the smallest nuances of what is happening around.

The model has more than 100 levels of sensitivity settings for built-in microphones, so you can choose different modes for each situation. Recording is carried out in three formats: MP3, WAV, PCM.

The device surpasses its competitors in its price category in the quality of materials, assembly and ergonomics. Sound protection of the case and microphones taken out will prevent an expensive device from damage, prolonging its service life.

A good built-in speaker gives a clear sound, but if necessary, more clear audibility, you can use the headphone output. On a small display, illuminated by a pleasant amber backlight, the desired limit indicator is displayed, warning the owner of a device overload.

#14 Tascam DR-44WL Audio Recorder


Highlights of Tascam DR-44WL:

Dual-Level Recording Feature

Includes an innovative Wi-Fi feature

Shockmount Design Reduces Handling Noise

In the numerous Tascam assortment, the DR-WL series of voice recorders are probably the most popular. And all because these are the only models with built-in Wi-fi connectors that significantly expand their capabilities: you can transfer recorded files through the air, connect to mobile devices with iOS or Android for the most convenient control, and use the advanced arsenal of settings. These are familiar and necessary functions for any modern technology, but other manufacturers of voice recorders seem to have forgotten about it.

The ergonomics of the device are designed so that it can be operated with one hand. The microphone unit consists of two condenser microphones, the design of which and the circuitry of the amplifiers allows you to not be afraid of strong overloads, if only when digitizing the correct range of amplitudes is chosen.

The sensitivity of the microphones is so high that it allows you to control recording from the director’s chair when music devices are on stage (from a distance of about 20 m). The manufacturer did not stint on the package bundle, putting wind protection, a cover, a memory card, a power supply and mounts in it.

#15 Olympus LS-P2 Linear PCM Recorder


Highlights of Olympus LS-P2:

Normalization function

8GB built-in memory (250 hours)

TRESMIC Three-microphone system

Recorders LS-series are designed for professional recording of rehearsals and interviews. LS-2 is the young model equipped with two stereo microphones. They are located at right angles and, together with a high-quality amplifier, provide the most accurate sound fixation in linear PCM format with a resolution of up to 24 bits and a sampling frequency of 96 kHz.

These settings mean that the recording level is better than the sound of the CD, and the soundtrack in pcm format can be an exact copy of the studio original.

An important feature of the entire lineup is their ability to work in combination with Olympus OM-D digital cameras and Android smartphones – for this you need to use the bundled software. According to user reviews, only older versions with a remote control and Bluetooth can serve as the best alternative to the original recording of music in a room; other manufacturers have no equivalent offer.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the best voice recorder for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a voice recorder I did not include, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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