First off, there is a bunch of information on fishing rods in this article from beginner to advanced. If you’re looking for the best spinning rods.

For lovers of fishing, the warmer months are the most fertile time. During this period, you can use almost all existing techniques of fishing, try new gear and catch trophy specimens of fish. The most popular is spinning fishing. If you have not had any experience in spinning before, then you should take a fisherman with you, who regularly uses such tackle, for the purchase and preliminary test.

Before buying the product directly, you should decide on a number of important points – the maximum amount that a person is going to spend on the purchase of this gear, the largest value of fish that is planned to be caught, fish breeds, the conditions in which fishing will take place, the size and type of bait, the throw distance and so on.

Specialized stores today have a huge selection of similar gear, which may differ from each other in a number of parameters, so choosing the most optimal design for yourself is not too easy, especially if it is not done by an experienced person. In this regard, before proceeding to a direct review of budget spinning, we decided to first give a few basic recommendations regarding the acquisition of this gear.

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Spinning Rods For 2022

  1. Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod
  2. St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod
  3. Favorite White Bird Spinning Rod
  4. Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod
  5. G. Loomis SR842-2 IMX Spinning Rod
  6. St. Croix Legend Xtreme Spinning Rod
  7. Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod

Spinning Rod Reviews

#1 Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod


Highlights of Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod:

Lightweight aluminum oxide guides

Full cork handles

Graphite composite construction

For the category of heavy spinning rods, we decided to introduce you to the Shimano Scimitar rod 15-60 gr. Built in carbon XT40 plus geofibers, designed for fighting with medium-sized prey. Designed for those who want to approach medium-heavy spinning with an excellent quality tool. Excellent for fishing in the harbors in the cliffs and near large foci for large predators such as greenhouses, barracudas and bowfin. In fresh water instead we can go in search of big pikes in all tranquility.

The Scimitar 2.10 m is equipped with 7 ultra light Shimano Hardlite rings. This spinning fishing rod is still available in other sizes and weights, the 15-60gr 2,10m has a reduced weight 143 grams and a 107 cm footprint convenient for transport.

#2 St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod


Highlights of St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod:

Fuji® Torzite® tangle-free guides with titanium frames

Super-grade cork handle

Kigan titanium hook-keeper

The main purpose of the two-part plug rod is twitching. But he managed to appreciate the admirers of other methods of spinning fishing. The length of the fishing pole is 213 cm, weight – 105 g. Spinning allows you to use bait from 5.3 to 17.7 g, while the test on the line is 2.7-5.4 kg. The SC-V carbon fiber blank gives the rod a quick action.

St.Croix Legend Elite is equipped with a reliable Fuji reel holder, the flow rings were made by the same Korean manufacturer with inserts made of silicon carbide SiC. It is convenient to hold a fishing pole in a hand thanks to the pith handle. Good universal spinning with a twitching bias.

#3 Favorite White Bird Spinning Rod


Highlights of Favorite White Bird Spinning Rod:

Designed for rockfishing style or finesse fishing

High-quality components throughout

Made with a premium IM24 ton blank material

Two-part spinning plug-in type with a length of 204 cm was created for those who take the first steps in ultralite. An ultra-light 80g fishing rod can be held in your hand for a long time without getting tired. In the transport position, the length of the rod is 105 cm. The high-quality carbon blank has a very fast action, allowing you to make sharp and distant casts of miniature lures.

The load on the fishing line is 1.8-2.7 kg, it is recommended to use bait in the mass range from 0.5 to 5 g. Accession rings are equipped with inserts made of silicon carbide SiC, Korea Carbon reel seat is installed on the form. It is pleasant to hold the rod in your hands thanks to a 29 cm long EVA grip.

During direct use it shows excellent performance. The design can be considered universal in terms of baits – along with it you can use jig baits, as well as oscillating, rotating, metal, wobblers, having their own manner of playing in the depths of the reservoir. Acceptable cost will be to the liking of not only beginners, but also quite experienced anglers.

#4 Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod


Highlights of Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod:

Ugly Tuff™ one piece stainless steel guides

Durable Ugly Stik clear tip

Ugly Tech™ construction with a combination of Graphite and fiberglass

Among the cheapest spinning rods, the Ugly Stik model plays on a renewed design, suitable to provide greater durability to the fishing rod with a good satisfaction for those fishing.

The one-piece structure ensures an ideal seal and degree of flexibility for those who practice spinning, with a graphite reel seat and a central body of the same material, to which glass fiber is also added.

The overall length reaches 1.8 meters, with six eyelets suitable for both a nylon thread and a braided line. For different people it is the right rod to have fun with, using light baits from 2 to 10 grams. Others, on the other hand, consider it too soft and flexible, two characteristics that all play in favor of adaptability and a seal over time that does not disappoint.

#5 G. Loomis SR842-2 IMX Spinning Rod


Highlights of G. Loomis SR842-2 IMX Spinning Rod:

Proprietary “fiber blend” blank

Designed for light line

Fuji, single-foot Alconite guides

The model is manufactured by a US company, which has become famous for many professional fishermen. Option is legendary. He is a bit light, but he is able to withstand even large-scale trophies.

Turning to the reviews, it can be noted that users praise spinning, they have no complaints about its performance. Of course, here it is worth taking into account that it is customary to take rods intended for a sporty type of fishing to the price category.

#6 St. Croix Legend Xtreme Spinning Rod


Highlights of St. Croix Legend Xtreme Spinning Rod:

Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) Tooling Technology

Fuji® SK2™ split reel seat

Fuji® K-R Concept tangle-free guides with SiC rings

The most expensive and highest quality spinning for microjack from American manufacturers, which has become a permanent attribute in the arsenal of not only domestic but also world professional anglers. It is distinguished by its low weight and the new formula of carbon fiber, which forms the basis of the blank. The length of the rod is 2.28 meters, which is why it can only be used to jig from a boat. The effective test ranges from 3.5 to 10.5 grams – an unequivocal hint that the model is designed to catch a medium-small predator.

But on the ergonomics and sensations from the operation of the St.Croix Legend Xtreme can argue with all the major competitors. For the manufacture of the form was used technology IPC, correcting weaknesses. Together with the high-end fittings from Fuji and non-slip grip, which ensures reliable retention during the wiring, the rod is mastered on a well-deserved first line of the rating.

#7 Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod


Highlights of Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod:

Stainless steel guides with Zirconium inserts

IntraCarbon™ technology

The new Contour Curve handle design maximizes comfort

Finally, we want to recommend a cane from the Swedish house Abu Garcia. The Abu Garcia Vendetta is a spinning rod in the sea. Built in high modulus carbon 30T, it has a powerful and rapid two-piece stem. Suitable for predator fishing in Salt Water such as greenhouses, barrcudas, and licks in heavier weights.

Equipped with 7 rings in very light SIC and suitable for the use of braided wires, ergonomic reel seat and EVA handle which allows a greater grip. Suitable for fishing in ports and reefs a rod that does not fear predators that frequent these spots. Useful to all spinners not only for beginners.

The baits suitable for this spinning rod are the classic minnows WTD and jig. We can find it in different sizes and casting weight. The Abu Vendetta Spinning rod in the 10-30 weight has a length of 2.74m, weight 169 grams a footprint of 1.41 m. The price of this fishing rod is really convenient. It’s up to you to choose which size is the most suitable based on the spots you visit and the predators present.

How to Choose the Best Spinning Rod

This popular tool is characterized not only by the great variety of models on the market, but also by the use of innovative materials, such as carbon fiber. So choosing is not as easy as it may seem at the beginning. First of all, try to understand which rod you need, as there are specific models for each type of fishing; then compare the prices, and read our ranking with the related reviews that will give you a quick idea of consumers’ favorite products.

To understand which spinning rod is better, every fisherman can. The choice of rods is based on a number of characteristics. For different ways of fishing you need a rod, which will have a number of features. It is almost impossible to find a universal tool on the market that will be good in twitching, trolling or ultralite. This is really worth considering when buying.

For example, for jerking wiring or in other words twitching you need to have on hand a special type of spinning rod. But jig fishing is that the rod had sensitive characteristics. Anglers seek to make contact with the bait that moves near the bottom.

In order to ultralight fishing rod should combine sensitivity, lightness, and yes even meet the range. This rod will be designed for hunting in small rivers and lakes.

But for beginners, the best option would be to pay attention to budget models.

Classify spinning rods based on fishing techniques

Depending on the preferred type of fishing, spinning rods are conventionally divided into several categories:

  • For jig: In this case the main attribute of the rods is a high degree of sensitivity, designed to provide the angler with full control over the bait;
  • For twitching: The characteristic parameter of such spinning is the average or “light test”, since, as a rule, heavy wobblers are the bait;
  • For trolling: Because trolling, as one of the methods of fishing, is designed to lure and catch trophy prey, a characteristic feature of spinning for them will be high strength, coupled with heavy dough and mediocre sensitivity;
  • “Ultralight”: Light elastic spinning with a good throwing distance, intended for fishing rivers and lakes with a small and nimble predator.

The structure of spinning rod

Another important parameter is the structure of the rod, on which the throw of the bait and the nature of the fish hauling depend. The type of bend depends on the load. There are several classifications:

  • Slow (parabolic): The bending of the fishing rod occurs almost fully – from the handle to the tip. For the jigging method of fishing, they are unsuitable because of the low degree of sensitivity, but they are distinguished by their ability to deliver bait over long distances.
  • Medium (semi-parabolic): The tool bends, but only from the middle. It works as the upper and middle part, it should be chosen to deliver the bait over long distances, and it also turns out it is more effective to absorb the jerks of production.Fast: The bend of the blank falls on the whip area. Such rods have high sensitivity.
  • Medium fast: This is an intermediate order between the two previous classes. The working part is in 1/3 of the form. Such models are included in the category of budget rods due to the minimum financial cost of materials.
  • Super fast: The bend is only at the tip. The tools are used mainly by experienced anglers, they value rods for sensitivity and excellent performance.

To make it easier to navigate in the choice, it is worth remembering that an increased level of bendability in a slow build, and in a quick one – a low degree of elasticity.

Rigid and soft

The spinning rods can be classified according to this criterion. There is an important distinction between the rigid ones, suitable for sportsmen, and the semi-rigid ones, which allow you to launch more easily and are suitable for amateurs. This characteristic also influences the sensitivity of the fish to eating, which is maximum in the soft ones; the counterpart however is that the reaction to the fisherman’s lash will be slower, with greater risk of losing the prey.

The second parameter to take into consideration is the weight which, if excessive, will make fishing difficult. Balancing is also very important: the longer a rod is, the more it will tend to become unbalanced, that is to lean forward, tiring the fisherman’s arm.

Long and short

The general rule is that the barrel is much shorter the further the distance of the throw is. In practice, the exceptions dictated by the materials and the type of fishing are many. A good strategy is to stay on the medium ones, which allow maximum flexibility and versatility.

A so-called fixed rod has no rings and is the most used in float fishing. However, it can make recovery of the prey difficult.

Then there are the telescopic ones, that is to say with variable length thanks to the possibility of mounting different pieces in succession. They are often more fragile than those with a single body, due to the deterioration of the joints of the product.

The materials and the handle

Currently, spinning rods are almost all made of carbon fiber, an innovative material that guarantees elasticity and strength and has replaced traditional fiberglass. If you look at the price, you will find that it is certainly not economic; fortunately, products made of mixed fiber are still available, which are more affordable and therefore more affordable for a beginner.

Other important parameters to pay attention to are the materials of the wire, which must be such as not to overheat, and the rings which must be small and light to facilitate the guiding function of the line. Finally, do not neglect the handle: the thin one (so-called cigar) is suitable for small fish, the flared fish for medium / large ones.

Spinning rods for fishing from the ground

Here are the types of rods right for fishing from the ground based on the technique:

  • Surfcasting: this type of fishing (it requires, for example, the sea bream) involves the use of long rods on average from 3.90 to 4.50 meters. Since the terminals must be launched at a long distance, where the fish are found, these rods are characterized by their solidity and rigidity
  • Spinning from the ground: basses, barracudas and skins are caught in this way. The canes have a length that can reach 3 meters, they are quick, light and easy to handle. They have different weights that correspond to the maximum weight of the artificial we can cast
  • With the floats: you catch bream, sea bass etc. They serve long and light rods, generally accompanied by more ramps of rings, which give them more sensitivity as the fish approaches
  • Rockfishing: in practice, it consists of a revised and corrected version of the spinning, made however with light equipment. The canes are relatively short (no more than 2.20 m.), Fast and sensitive. In this way, fishing is convenient for capturing species that live in rocky crevices (scorpion fish, gobies, etc.)
  • Spinning for shore fishing: when choosing a spinning rod for coastal jig, you should consider the size of a specific reservoir as follows:

When catching a predator on small rivers, small ponds, where there is no need to throw bait over long distances, it is enough to acquire rods up to 2.10 m in length with a test load of up to 15 g. But often the best catch is observed when using an ultralight.

When catching prey on medium and large rivers, where pike perch or other representatives of a predatory category of fish trades on a river-bed curb or in congested places, a spinning length of 2.70 m is required. In these conditions, baits are carried out at 70–80 and sometimes 100th It is much more difficult to use tools with a length of 3.00–3.60 m, although they throw much further.

Best of all, for the coastal mode of fishing use rods with fast or medium-fast build. It is recommended to equip them with wicker. If spinning is required for heavy jig, then tools of 3.00 m length and a test range of 80–100 g are suitable. They are used together with super-heavy baits. Such jig spinning show itself especially well in trophy mining.

Spinning rods for boat fishing

When traveling from a watercraft, each prospective point in the reservoir is in the access zone, and this parameter of the rod, as the range becomes insignificant. In most cases, the bait is thrown downstream, which allows better access to the bottom. Here, special attention should be paid to the test value.

Since it is possible to catch a bulging place from a swimming facility and knock it almost to the plumb, the chosen tool must be distinguished by appropriate power in order to control the process of dredging.

In addition, spinning for jig from a boat should not cause discomfort and difficulties in its use. For hunting predatory fish, it is advisable to choose a spinning rod for a boat 2.10 m long with a fast or ultra-fast build. Short spinning rods show good results when used for plunge fishing, jig baits, or turntables.

Here are the types of rods right for boat fishing depending on the technique used:

  • Big game fishing: for deep fishing you need short and strong rods, the ideal rods have a length between 1.80 and 2.40 m., They are light and sensitive
  • Jigging fishing: the artificial metal used, called jigs, have a considerable weight (around 300-400 grams), therefore the barrel, which is usually made of two pieces called heel and barrel, must be strong enough to support them and animate with ease. The length goes from 1.50 to 1.90 m. The cane is very resistant, to the point that it can be used, if necessary, to take tuna
  • From trolling: short and strong rods are needed, with normal or pulley rings (these facilitate the sliding of the wires and are useful for fishing larger specimens)
  • Spinning for tuna: long from 2.20 to 2.80, they consist of two parts but also 4-5 pieces, more practical and easily transportable (especially in air travel)
  • Eging or squid rods: they are soft and sensitive. In this type of fishing it is fundamental to be quick to catch the prey before it can move away.

Best spinning rod brands

If we analyze the modern market, it becomes clear that there is a special trend in the spinning market. It is connected with the fact that the leading places have been crushed by brands from Japan and the United States of America. It is firmly entered the market and loved by all those who wish to deal with the best fishing equipment. The main contribution to the production made the following brands.

  • Shimano
  • Shakespeare
  • G. Loomis
  • St. Groix
  • Favorite

How to preserve spinning rods

The spinning rods are resistant objects specifically designed to last long intact over time, but, like everything else, they need some little care and a minimum of maintenance.

Where and how to best preserve them then? The ideal is to always place them in their sheath and keep them away from sources of heat and humidity, two elements that can damage them and make them wear out sooner than necessary.

The fishing rods can also be kept in the boat, but with some foresight. Better to keep them in the cabin well placed in the sheath than in the govoni and, possibly, put some elastic to block the elements. This measure is necessary to prevent the swaying due to navigation from causing knocks and shocks to the rings.

Even cleaning is a basic operation for the success of fishing rods, so it must necessarily be carried out after each stroke and following the right procedure.

To avoid mistakes, follow the indicated procedure:

Pass the rod rather long under the jet of fresh water: it serves to eliminate that of the sea and therefore any salt residue that, as is known, tends to rust the metals (the aluminum parts and the rings could be irreparably damaged).

Gently dry with a soft fiber cloth, mostly dabbing (avoid rubbing vigorously), the barrel, then let it stay in the air for a few hours before placing it in the sheath (it must be completely dry and without the slightest sign of humidity).

How to transport spinning rods properly

The situation was a bit more complicated until some time ago, but now, with the new detachable rods, which are closed, they have reduced dimensions, the question is definitely simpler. Although the various airlines have rules on the subject that differ from one another, the fishing rod cannot generally be kept in hand luggage, but only in the hold suitcase.

Advice? To avoid problems and not have to pay more, get a travel tube and embark it in the hold as luggage. Your fishing equipment will arrive safely and you will not be at risk.Thanks to the new fishing rods made up of multiple elements, which can be dismantled, are light and easy to handle, taking personal equipment with them on fishing trips that many fans like, is much simpler and more practical than it used to be.


The review has come to an end, we sincerely hope that the information will help you make a choice in favor of a good quality spinning rod.

I would also like to note that there are several types of spinning rods, all of them are intended for specific purposes. For those who prefer hiking, fit the telescopic option. This rod is perfectly transported in a bag, on alert as quickly as possible.

As for the plug-in options, the leading positions are given to models with high sensitivity, light weight and strength characteristics. Among these options there are quite successful options in the current market.In fact, the choice will depend on what skills the fisherman has, as well as what kind of recreation he likes. Hikers and beginner fishermen can start with the development of telescopic spinning, but the more experienced ones can opt for plug-in models. This will allow you to feel contact with the bait, as well as not worry about the form when you plan to display the trophy.

I hope you have found the best spinning rod for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a spinning rod I have not included, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Good luck on your next fishing trip!

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