The 7 Best Spinning Reels Reviewed 2020

The 7 Best Spinning Reels Reviewed 2020


Before you buy a spinning reel, read our buyers guide and reviews of the 7 best spinning reels so you can make an informed decision

Have you ever tried fishing without a fishing reel? We get tired quickly is not it? Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner you will always need a good reel to be able to fish effectively and comfortably at the river, the lake or the sea.

However, finding the best fishing reel for value is complicated. Manufacturers and buyers are turning their attention to baitcasting. But, thanks to their easy handling, spinning reels are still a popular choice for beginners. The most expert also appreciate its versatility and long range.

Regardless of the specific situation, the purchase involves choosing a suitable model based on the intended fishing environment and the target species. An excellent model must be smooth, quiet and easy to use.

The best ones have a light body, made of aluminum or graphite. The weight must be low to prevent any fatigue.

The gears worked with precision by stainless steel. With a waterproofing system if possible. And considerable resistance in the front area to better cope with large fish.

With all the variety of goods for fishing offered by the modern market, the choice of high-quality spinning reels can be difficult.

Different in their types, functions, characteristics, sizes and prices of the spool require careful study and comparison.

In this tutorial, we have prepared for you the ranking of the best spinning reels, which rightfully deserved their place in the list of the recognized elite.

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Spinning Reels For 2020

  1. Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel
  2. Shimano Biomaster SW Spinning Reel
  3. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning Reel
  4. Daiwa Ninja A Spinning Reel
  5. Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel
  6. Shimano Nexave Spinning Reel
  7. Okuma Trio 55 Spinning Reel

Here is an overview of the features of our top 3 choices. Our guide and comparison table of top spinning reels will help you find the best choice for yourself.

Best Spinning Reels





Weight:6.3 Ounces20.1 Ounces14.3 Ounces
Gear Ratio:5.1:1
Bearings:6+1 stainless steel6+1 stainless steel10+1 stainless steel
Max Drag:26.4 Pounds28 Pounds26.5 Pounds

Spinning Reel Reviews

#1 Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Daiwa Ballistic LT (2500D-XH):

Weight: 6,3 oz

Gear Ratio: 6.2:1

Bearings: 6+1 (1crbb, 5bb, 1rb) shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 8/220, 12/160, 16/110 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 11 – 26.4 lbs

One of the premium models of the reels of the company DAIWA, the emphasis in which was placed on ensuring maximum ergonomic performance during intensive operation.

It is simply impossible to explain the total underestimation of the mass of the structure otherwise – for all its coolness and abundance of residual life, the Ballistic LT 2500D XH weighs only 180 grams.

Completing spinning spools with such a reel will be akin to the highest pleasure – guaranteed not to cause hand fatigue. It is worth noting a very smooth execution of the turning parts of the mechanism, based on six ball bearings.

From the point of view of users, the average attention of the Ballistic LT 2500D XH deserves the average capacity of the spool (150 meters of mono-rolls with a cross-section of 0.28 millimeters), as well as the presence of a backstop stopper.

Yes, its cost is very high, but the longevity, about which anglers have repeatedly spoken, fully pays for all costs.

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#2 Shimano Biomaster SW Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Shimano Biomaster SW:

Weight: 20,1 oz

Gear Ratio: 5.7:1

Bearings: 6+1 (1crbb, 5bb, 1rb) shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 12/500, 13/320, 20/220 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 24 – 28 lbs

Fishing reels from this famous Japanese brand will never ceases to please fishermen with stable performance and excellent performance characteristics.

The swivel mechanism is equipped with seven bearings for the case of varying the load values ​​from the smallest to the most significant when fishing for fairly large predatory fish.

Specifically, this model is designed for ultralight spinning – perfect balancing allows for very accurate casting of light baits and float gear.

Actually, Shimano Biomaster SW is a full successor of the enchanting Shimano Twin Power SW series and the Shimano Stella SW series. This Japanese reel with a pliable character is also a price that is quite reasonable for professionals.

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#3 KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III:

Weight: 14,3 oz

Gear Ratio: 5.5:1

Bearings: 10+1 shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 10/265, 12/225 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 17.6 – 26.5 lbs

Designed with the coastal fishermen in mind, the KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III spinning reel supports salt water corrosion, thanks to a stainless steel main shaft and 10 + 1 armored stainless steel ball bearings.

The highlight of this reel is its system double drag. The carbon fiber front drag offers up to 26.5 pounds of drag power, while the rear drag system provides an ideal pen light setting for drifting bait cutting or live bait in deeper waters.

Its versatility is not limited to adapting to the dominant type of hand, the Sharky Baitfeeder III reel is manufactured in such a way that it can be used safely for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

When predators waiting at the baseline take the hook, the baitfeeder drag changes to the strongest front drag as soon as it starts to boot.

Other notable features include the reel ready for aluminum braids of the reel, its aluminum handle with T-handle and its striking red and black color scheme.

There are four models to choose from with two transmission ratios: 5.1: 1 and 5.5: 1.

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#4 Daiwa Ninja A Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Daiwa Ninja A:

Weight: 13,75 oz

Gear Ratio: 4.9:1

Bearings: 4 shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 11/295 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 8.8 – 13.2 lbs

The Daiwa Ninja A reel is designed for spinning fishing and is made with a special cold forged steel and graphite alloy that gives it extraordinary lightness and strength, so as to obtain perfect control in the rotation of the reel and unchanged performance in the time.

The company’s choice to use only high-quality materials emerges strongly, among which stands out in particular the cold-forged steel of the external body which gives the model excellent qualities of resistance and lightness to the same time.

The real strength of the model is the four ball bearings that have proven to be very resistant to oxidation and corrosion: the result is an exponential increase in fluidity during rotation and a consequent reduction in lateral torsion during recovery.

This allows the gears to work at maximum efficiency, while the screw crank reduces play and the risk of the thread becoming tangled, giving the angler the opportunity to make incisive jumps reaching considerable distances.

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#5 Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Abu Garcia Revo Rocket:

Weight: 7,7 oz

Gear Ratio: 7.0:1

Bearings: 9+1 shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 6/225, 8/175, 10/140 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 11 lbs

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is an exceptional reel in almost every aspect, but a great advantage over most of the other spinning reels in the current market is speed.

Its high 7.0: 1 transmission ratio allows you to cover more water faster: line collection is much faster than with other spinning reels with lower / normal ratios.

The Revo Rocket spinning reel also uses the Rocket line management system, which means that no matter what type of line you use, be it braided, monofilament or one of the hybrids on the market, you will always have superior control over it.

The Rocket’s 10-ball bearing system incorporates 9 HPCR (high-performance corrosion-resistant stainless steel) bearings plus 1 bearing that is used for the clutch non-return mechanism.

In order to stop the fish, the Rocket is based on a front drag system that uses the hybrid Carbon Matrix system of Abu Garcia, which is incredibly powerful, soft and reliable, allowing you to easily tame even the toughest fish.

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#6 Shimano Nexave Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Shimano Nexave:

Weight: 11,5 oz

Gear Ratio: 5.8:1

Bearings: 3+1 shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 8/240, 10/200, 12/160 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 7 – 19 lbs

This spinning reel has earned recognition among anglers due to high quality and reliability. Despite the rather low price, it is included in the class of accessories for intermediate spinning.

Provides rear brake super stopper ii. It perfectly fulfills all the jerks of fish and finely tuned. Rotation of the handle is based on the presence of four radial bearings (one roller and three ball), which provide smoothness and ease of movement.

The friction brake mechanism includes several discs that provide the coil with sufficient locking force when fishing from the reservoir.

Aluminum spool increases casting accuracy – this is especially acute on light baits and float fishing. But the reel dynamics received the greatest approval from anglers – the work proceeds smoothly, without extraneous vibrations, which is ensured through the use of Dyna-Balance technology.

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#7 Okuma Trio 55 Spinning Reel Review


Highlights of Okuma Trio 55:

Weight: 15,3 oz

Gear Ratio: 4.5:1

Bearings: 9+1 shielded stainless steel

Line Capacity: mono 10/380, 12/340, 15/240 (several sizes available)

Max Drag: 24 lbs

This reel can also be an interesting option for you, as it has been designed with a hybrid spool that allows it to function properly. In addition, it has bearings made of stainless steel, a product that is characterized by the resistance it offers.

It also has an integrated Quick-set anti-recoil bearing, this will prevent inconveniences from occurring when you are carrying out the dragging process, so that you will be able to get the fish out of the water more easily.

It is designed to perform the dragging process smoothly, this is because it has an aluminum chamber that provides the reel with a higher level of stability when driven.

Another aspect that stands out of this model is its design, which is built on a powerful and mysterious black tone. In addition, its crank has an ergonomic grip that will allow you to hold it comfortably.

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Spinning Reel Comparison Table


Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel


6.3 Ounces5.1:1
6+1 stainless steel bearings4,7 / 5,0

Shimano Biomaster SW Spinning Reel


20.1 Ounces5.7:16+1 stainless steel bearings5,0 / 5,0

KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning Reel


14.3 Ounces5.1:1
10+1 stainless steel bearings4,4 / 5,0

Daiwa Ninja A Spinning Reel


13.75 Ounces4.7:1
4 stainless steel bearings5,0 / 5,0

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel


7.7 Ounces7.0:19+1 stainless steel bearings4,4 / 5,0

Shimano Nexave Spinning Reel


11.5 Ounces5.8:1
3+1 stainless steel bearings4,6 / 5,0

Okuma Trio 55 Spinning Reel


15.3 Ounces4.5:19+1 stainless steel bearings4,1 / 5,0

How to Choose the Best Spinning Reel

Sport fishing has been for decades the recreational activity of millions of people around the world because of the excitement of catching one fish at a time using a rod.

The importance of fishing gear is essential to ensure the success of your activity and if it is still difficult for the most experienced to know how to choose the right instruments, not to mention beginners and amateurs.

In the following guide to buy the best spinning reel we explain the main aspects that you should check to buy said reel before looking only at how much it costs.

This information will serve as a basis for knowing what to look for in your reel according to the type of fishing you do; That way you will invest your money intelligently, guaranteeing a lot of entertainment time with your efficient fishing gear.



It is important to look at the material of the reel, as this will ensure its useful life for our fishing sessions.

Traditionally, the spinning reels were made of aluminum or graphite, corrosion resistant materials and noted for their lightness.

Nowadays reels made with carbon fiber frames can be found to provide greater hardness and less weight; also, alloys of different materials have been used to offer a much stronger shell.

It is also necessary to verify that the crank is of good quality, because it is of no use to break the first round.

Usually, this mechanism includes a knob with some type of coating; It can be EVA rubber or a textile, to ensure a firm grip, while absorbing sweat from the hands and does not accumulate unpleasant odors.

Undoubtedly, the type of material of the reel will affect its price, but we recommend you to check the quality well before choosing the cheapest one.


The bearings are the key component to ensure the efficient operation of the fishing reel. And although there are models that echo the amount of bearings that make up the reel, here the principle of quality is better than quantity, because it is useless to have a quantity of bearings that after a few uses are already spent .

That is why the quality of the bearings guarantees a longer life of the equipment. Many manufacturers have chosen to make them in stainless steel by adding a seal or shield to protect them against corrosion.

Due to the friction generated in the bearings, reel lubrication is important to extend its durability. Therefore, you must make sure that the chosen reel has easy access so that you can lubricate it without complications and in the simplest way.

Reel Size

How to find out what size reel to choose for spinning? It depends on the length and thickness of the fishing line used. The thicker the fishing line, the larger the reel should be, and vice versa.

It makes no sense to take the overall model, if you will be laying a thin thread on the drum: it is in vain to weight the tackle to anything.

How to choose the right spinning reel, taking into account the size of the gear? For light fishing rods and smaller fish, choose models with a size in the range of 1000-2500.

When fishing for large fish, a drum capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 is required. But this is not the limit. However, sizes greater than 5000 are chosen only for fishing at sea or for hunting fish of record weight.

Spool Capacity

This characteristic shows how much fishing line and what diameter can fit on the spool. Spool capacity is closely related to the size of spool.

A spool of 1000 in size contains 100 m of fishing line with a thickness of 0.1 mm, and a spool of 2000 can be wound with 100 m of fishing line with 0.2 or 200 m of fishing line 0.1.

For perch fishing, it is better to equip a spinning reel with 2000, and to hunt a toothed predator you will need a 3000 model.

Naturally, for the ultralight use thin cords, so the spools of high spool capacity are absolutely not needed here. Spool capacity is indicated in meters and is always indicated on the spool of the spinning reel.

Total Weight

Of course, a smaller reel will have less weight. But not only the size depends on this parameter. Also important is the material of which the reel is made.

Distinguished manufacturers of fishing products are trying to use high-quality durable materials, which at the same time have a minimum weight (titanium, aluminum alloys, polymers). Therefore, the best reel for spinning among their own kind usually has less weight.

Friction Brake

In modern spinning reels, the friction mechanism is designed to deflate the cord when hauling fish. The clutch allows you to successfully withdraw large fish, the weight of which sometimes significantly exceeds the breaking load of the fishing line. The friction brake can be of two types:

  • Front – located in the spool, more compact and sensitive, but it is inconvenient to adjust it in the process of hauling.
  • Rear – located in the rear of the reel, usually less sensitive, weights the tackle, but reduces the cost of the spare spool and facilitates its replacement in fishing.

Which spinning reel is better, with a rear or front friction, the question is ambiguous. A big role is played by the personal preferences of the angler. But most experienced spinningists still prefer the front friction mechanism and try to choose just such a reel.

Gear Ratios

This is a very important point in the question of how to choose a coil for spinning. This parameter indicates how many turns the lineer makes at one turn of the reel handle. For example, the record “1: 5” says that in 1 revolution of the handle, the line packer will make 5 turns.

According to this indicator, all zero-speed operations can be divided into:

  • Power – gear ratio from 1: 4.0 to 1: 4.7.
  • Universal – gear ratio from 1: 5.0 to 1: 5.5.
  • Speed ​​- gear ratio from 1: 6.0 to 1: 7.2.

Power reels are more in demand in catching a large predator, for example, in a heavy jig. High-speed is recommended to choose anyone who wants to do ultralight.

Fishing Line Laying Mechanism

In modern spinning reels used two types of mechanisms for laying fishing line:

  • With an endless screw – a worm gear.
  • With the scenes – crank gear.

With proper performance, both mechanisms allow you to get a good smooth laying of the fishing line, in which it lies on the spool without humps and dips.

Also important is how winding of the fishing line on the spool. Straight winding (coil to coil) allows you to put more cord on the spool. However, the upper turns can “fall through” to the lower ones, get stuck there, which will significantly reduce the casting distance, and can lead to the formation of beards and the discharge of loops. Cross winding allows you to avoid such troubles, but the forest capacity of the spool is reduced, which, in principle, is not critical.


Once you know more about sport fishing, you will realize that a reel does not have to be the most expensive to be the best. Even when there are recognized brands in this area, if you are starting, it is convenient to choose one with an efficient quality-price ratio that allows you to develop your skills in this sport. However, it is recommended that you review the web portals on this subject so that you know the opinions of other fishermen and according to their experience you make a successful purchase that allows you to enjoy sport fishing. In any case, you are now better able to determine which is the best fishing reel in the market.

Best Spinning Reel Brands

In the fishing world, it is considered that the two best manufacturers of spinning reels in the world are two Japanese world-famous companies Daiwa and Shimano. These two manufacturers, real standards of high quality and reliability. As a rule, it is the reels produced by these two companies that are chosen by experienced, professional spinningists. In the assortment of both companies, there are reels of budget level, average price level and premium class reels. Every fisherman, with what financial capabilities he would not have, will be able to pick up a reel, according to his abilities, corresponding to his fishing conditions.

In addition to the two aforementioned leading companies in the production of coils, there are coils and other manufacturers in the market, some of these manufacturers have achieved popularity among anglers and of course They are also represented on this list. Among these manufacturers of spinning reels are the following: Abu Garcia, KastKing, Okuma, Penn, Pflueger, Sougayilang and some others. In the process of selecting a spinning reel, first of all you need to pay attention to the quality of the reel manufacturing. Attention should be paid to anglers’ feedbacks regarding a specific reel model, which can be viewed on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

This is a comprehensive information on how to choose a spinning reel. Now you can accurately determine what parameters your gear should have. During the selection of the reel it is necessary to focus on the ratio of the quality and ease of the model. Of course, the best reels are metal structures.

I hope you have found the best spinning reel for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a spinning reel I have not included, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Good luck on your next fishing trip!

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