Sooner or later, every photography enthusiast needs to buy a tripod, because without this device it’s practically impossible to take high-quality pictures of nature, city landscapes or, for example, the night sky. A rash purchase of the first tripod that comes across will be just a waste of money. It is important to clearly understand what type of filming is needed for it, in what conditions and how often it will be used. The characteristics that an ideal tripod should have are dependent on this. It should be selected taking into account the following parameters:

  • Number of legs
  • Number of sections
  • The presence of struts
  • Type of tripod head
  • Materials of which the tripod is made
  • Maximum load
  • Tripod height.

Guided by the principle that “tripods are different, tripods are important,” we created this rating of the best professional tripods. All of them have their own characteristics and are suitable for various needs, but they are united by quality, good customer reviews and the low cost characteristic of almost all products.

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Professional Tripod Reviews

Best Professional Tripods

#1 QZSD Q-999 Professional Portable Tripod


Highlights of QZSD Q-999:

Maximum height: 1600mm

Typical regulating design of elevator

Material: Magnesium & Aluminum alloy

A tripod of the Chinese manufacturer with the unpronounceable name QZSD excelled in the maximum load indicator: judging by the manufacturer’s statements, the Q-999 is capable of withstanding a 15-pound camera. And although it is actually quite difficult to verify this in connection with the lack of cameras of such an impressive weight, buyers note that with this parameter the tripod significantly exceeds other models of its price category.

The camera on the ball head holds securely, there is not even a hint that it can break. The legs of the tripod do not separate even under heavy weight.

The tripod is equipped with a double level, thanks to which you can observe shifts both horizontally and vertically. In addition, he has another unusual function: if you disconnect the upper part, the tripod will turn into a monopod. Complete with a tripod are a hex wrench and covers for the head and the rest.

#2 Neewer 10089014 Portable Camera Tripod


Highlights of Neewer 10089014:

Adjustable height: 18.5-56 inches/47-142cm

Features 3-way swivel pan head with QR plate

Made of aluminum alloy tube and nonslip rubber

NEEWER 10089014 is one of the best professional tripods for travel. It is light enough (weighs 1.24 kg), but if necessary, you can hang the load on a hook for added stability. The legs are made of aluminum alloy with non-slip rubber coating. There is a plate on the swivel head for quick camera mounting. The camera can be installed in horizontal or vertical position, rotated 360 ° for panoramic shooting. When unfolded, the length of the tripod reaches 142 cm, when folded – 47 cm. There is a built-in level for adjusting the legs.

The reviews say that the tripod may seem flimsy, but it stands firmly on its feet, fully justifies the amount spent. NEEWER 10089014 can support the weight of telephones, small cameras and large cameras. The goods are delivered from a warehouse in US, so they do not have to wait long. The kit includes a case for convenient carrying equipment.

#3 ZoMei Z666 3-Way Pan Head Tripod


Highlights of ZoMei Z666:

Crank Lifting Mechanism

4-Section, Lever-Lock-Legs

3-Way Head with Quick Release Plate

Unfolded, the length of the ZOMEI Z666 is slightly longer than that of the ZOMEI Q111, which finished third in the ranking. It is 150 centimeters. Otherwise, the characteristics are almost the same. For example, the maximum load weight is 5 kg, which is enough even for the heaviest SLR cameras.

The head of the Z666, like the Q111, is panoramic, which avoids distortion when stitching panoramic frames. This happens because on the panoramic head the camera rotates around the nodal point of the lens.

The tripod can be made in one of five colors: red, yellow, red, blue and, of course, black. Judging by the reviews, the stability and durability of the legs of the tripod is not as good as that of No. 2 from this rating, but it is still better than other tripods with ZOMEI.

#4 ZoMei Q111 Portable Professional Traveler Tripod


Highlights of ZoMei Q111:

Anti-Slip Foam Leg Protectors

Geared Center Column with Ballast Hook

3-Way Pan-Tilt Head with Quick Release Plate

The fourth place in the ranking was taken by another model of the company ZOMEI. Q111 is made in good faith and, as it was said in reviews, “has weight”. Powerful legs do not look like the flimsy reeds so often found on Amazon tripods, although they are made of the same aluminum. The tripod is quite high, its maximum height is 144 centimeters, and the minimum is 50 cm.

Feet ZOMEI Q111 have 4 sections. His head is panoramic. The adjustments all work smoothly, each position is fixed, the level also regularly performs its function. The design does not play anything. The kit includes a bag for storage and carrying – a very convenient accessory. Of the shortcomings, buyers note only the lack of a second level for leveling the camera in a vertical plane.

#5 Paialu WF-3520 Professional Tripod


Highlights of Paialu WF-3520:

Folded height:560mm

Tube diameter: 21.2*16.2mm

Max.Operating height: 1400mm, min.height: 545mm

Paialu WF-3520 is not the most popular tripod on Amazon, but it deserves attention. This model is light and compact, it is suitable for most cameras and phones. But you need to remember that the maximum weight of the camera should not exceed 3 kg. The kit includes a zipper case, so the Paialu WF-3520 can easily be taken with you on the go. The tripod weighs 1.3 kg; when folded, its length is 570 mm (when unfolded – 140 cm).

The reviews point out the high build quality: there are no backlashes, the head rotates smoothly, the tripod is strong and stable, despite the presence of plastic parts. There are two horizon indicators (for the camera and for the tripod itself).

The buyers consider the packaging to be the most significant drawback of Paialu WF-3520: it wrinkles during transportation, the goods may be damaged. Also, sometimes there are instances with poorly tightened screws or short studs on fasteners, but this is more an exception than a pattern.

Best Professional Monopod Tripods

#6 Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod Tripod


Highlights of Dolica WT-1003:

Retractable spike rubber feet

Lightweight aluminum for easy mobility

Four leg sections with non-skid rubber foot

Dolica is one of the most reliable professional tripods with Amazon. The camera is attached to it tightly, there are no backlashes, there is a stiffener – in a word, manufacturers have tried their best. Dolica destroyed the stereotype that tripods can have only one thing: strength or light weight. With its solid construction, the monopod weighs just 375 grams. True, such a light weight led to the fact that the maximum load on the tripod decreased to 3 kg instead of the standard five, so it is better not to order it for especially heavy cameras.

The monopod is quite high: when unfolded, its length is 171 centimeters, so it will be convenient to use it even for very tall photographers. The kit comes with a neat zipper pouch bag. Unfortunately, the tripod has its drawbacks. Buyers were disappointed by the fact that the heel of the monopod is not removed and that there is no way to install it on a stand. Some also lack a rotating head.

#7 Manbily A-222 Base Unipod Monopod


Highlights of Manbily A-222:

Foam hand grip for comfort and stability

Monopod Max Height: 1650mm /65 inch

Monopod top connection screws : 1/4 – 3/8″screw

The Manbily A-222 is 6 cm shorter than the Dolica 1003, its maximum length is 165 cm. But, firstly, it is stronger (can withstand up to 5 kg of load), and secondly, it corrects those shortcomings that are Dolica, namely the lack of a stand.

Manbily is very stable thanks to three small legs supporting the main leg. However, it is not recommended to leave a monopod with an attached camera without support on the street – it will fall even from a light breeze. The stand here is needed only to make it easier for the photographer to hold a tripod during long-term shooting from one point.

It is convenient to take a monopod with you: it weighs only 370 grams, and a convenient bag-case is included in the package. Manbily’s reviews are mostly positive, however, some buyers complain about threaded locks instead of flag locks, as well as the lack of a head: it needs to be bought and installed separately, since on a tripod the thread is only under the head and under the camera.

#8 Yunteng VCT-288 Photography Monopod Tripod


Highlights of Yunteng VCT-288:

Material: PVC and polyester

Suitable for any cycling trip

Side pocket with U-shaped zipper

Yunteng VCT-288 is one of the lightest devices, it weighs only 1.1 kg. At the same time, a professional tripod can withstand a load of up to 3 kilograms, when unfolded, its length is 148 cm. All parts are made of thin metal, the joints are smooth and strong.

The kit includes a monopod, stand for it and a floating head. This model is ideal for conventional digital cameras “soap dishes” and phones. It will also be a great gift thanks to its elegant appearance and versatility in use.

In the reviews, users note that the monopod sways a little after touching the shutter button. To get clear pictures, you need to delay the shutter. In addition, due to its low weight, The Yunteng VCT-288 turned out to be insufficiently stable. It is convenient to use it indoors, and for street photography it is better to pick up a tripod, especially in windy weather.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the best professional tripod for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a professional tripod I did not include, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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