Minnow belongs to the family of cyprinids. This small fish, along with a gudgeon and a ruff, often becomes the first trophy of young anglers.

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Minnow Fishing

Characteristics of minnow

It has several subspecies, some of which can reach 20 cm and a weight of about 100 grams, but most are more modest in size. Fish can differ not only in appearance, but also in adaptability to living conditions. River forms are very susceptible to water aeration, but lake forms can live in more unfavorable conditions.


Reproduction habit of minnow

Minnow becomes sexually mature in the second year of life. Females are larger than males. During spawning, males become covered with epithelial tubercles, and the fins and abdomen (in some subspecies) acquire a bright red color. Spawns in April-June, depending on the region. Caviar lays on a sandy bottom, in shallow water.

Minnow fishing guide: Techniques, bait and gear

Minnow fishing techniques

During a family holiday, on the rivers where minnow is a common fish, its fishing can be a fascinating activity for children and other beginner anglers. For children’s fishing, a simple can filled with breadcrumbs and tied with gauze and a hole can serve. Catching these fish just with a piece of gauze and lowered to the bottom can be equally fun. An important element of such fishing is letting the fish go free. For more serious anglers for fishing, various bottom and float tackle can come in handy. Do not forget that minnow can serve as an excellent bait when fishing for predatory fish. In Europe, a lot of fishing tackle was invented for “dead” fish or bait fish using minnow.

Catching minnow on float tackle


Minnow is a bottom fish, sure bites happen when the nozzle is right next to the fish. When fishing on float gear, it is imperative to take into account such a moment that the nozzle must drag along the bottom. Most often, in rivers, minnow is caught at shallow depths, so you can fish “in the wild”, wind up your feet with water, attracting a flock of minnow. Complex and expensive gear is not needed. A lightweight rod, a simple float, a piece of fishing line and a set of sinkers and hooks are quite enough. In the case of frequent hooks, a thinner leash may be used. When fishing with a fishing rod, it is worth considering the size of the fish and, accordingly, the size of the equipment, especially hooks and attachments, which can affect the catchability of the tackle.

Minnow fishing lure

Minnow can be caught on various nozzles, but he takes the vegetable worse. Best of all, he pecks at a piece of a worm or bloodworm. It is easy to lure minnow with dregs or soaked bread.

Where to catch minnow

It is found everywhere in Europe, with the exception of the extreme southern and northern regions. Minnow is considered a “indicator” of the cleanliness of the reservoir. It can be found even in the smallest reservoirs. Accumulations of fish, especially in hot weather, near groundwater outlets. As already noted, river minnow is susceptible to oxygen saturation of water. In lakes, minnow adheres to the coastal shallow zone in search of zooplankton and plant food washed away from the shore. In addition, minnow can actively feed on small insects falling on the surface of the water from terrestrial vegetation or during departure.

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