Fishing From The Boat At Sea

Fishing From The Boat At Sea

Fishing from the boat at sea means any type of fishing on a floating support, whether it is a canoe or a well-equipped American fisherman, a skid or a sailboat.

Fishing from the boat at sea to the sea offers the possibility of practicing different fishing techniques, directing us to an abnormal multitude of prey. From surface fishing to bottom fishing, passing by trolling or bolentino in half water. There are many fishing techniques that have evolved over time, from coastal bolentino to depth, from light to high trolling, to drifting and vertical jigging. Knowing the sea, the currents, the fishing hotspots, complete the figure of the fisherman, who is not only the one who uses fishing gear but the one who creates the necessary conditions to bring a nice game bag.

Fishing with the boat at the mercy of the current (leeway) or anchored allows us to know the depths so we can return in the future if we have done some good catch, even the electrical equipment is now essential.

Technology for fishing from the boat at sea

Echo sounders and gps are the trusted friends of every fisherman. Since the beginning, man has experimented and put in place techniques useful to capture animals and fish for their livelihood, first in rivers and lakes, and then go farther and farther, until the most remote oceans. Fishing has undoubtedly developed and evolved as a means of acquiring food resources and in particular animal proteins.

Fishing from the boat at sea: a story that continues over time

This archaic gesture, with the passing of the centuries, has become more and more complex: the harpooning, the circumference with nets, the use of hooks built with teeth and bones of animals, are all gestures that have in common the purpose, that it is that of the capture of the prey. But today the technology, with the help of electronics, radar and sonar has reached a level that has distorted the purpose, which is no longer that of catching prey as a means of livelihood, but is definitely profit-oriented , and in this sense some fundamental rules concerning the preservation and conservation of the resources of the sea are lacking. Most people still have a romantic and old-fashioned idea of ​​fishing, what happens at sea is still seen with a different eye than what happens on the mainland.

The large fleets of the world, belonging to large multinational companies, daily grab tons of fish and trawling nets, about a third of the fish is thrown into the dying sea, where it will only be destined to useless and certain death. Unfortunately, the market also reserves the luxury of discriminating, and the species considered less valuable are simply killed for nothing. At this point it is good to distinguish the difference between sport fishing and fishing.

The sport fishing is a sport proper, practiced as a pastime, today more than ever it counts hundreds of thousands of fans throughout our nation. From rivers to lakes, from fishing on piers to boat fishing. Just this fishing makes us feel connected to the sea, fishing from the boat is not just a sport, it often represents a lifestyle, a real philosophy. There are many techniques and prey, often they change from region to region, today thanks to computerization. the fishing world appears to be united and constantly evolving. More and more advanced materials and sophisticated technologies make the sport fisherman from the boat a real “Captain of Ventura”, a Guru of the sea that knows the depths, winds, currents and more often he is also an excellent meteorologist.


In fishing, the boat plays a decisive role. It becomes an integral part of the equipment and is involved in the first person in the fishing action. A fishing boat must have specific characteristics and must meet certain requirements, leaving nothing to improvisation or chance. The stereotype of a fishing boat does not exist. Each model has its pros and cons also depending on what are the personal needs. We can analyze what should be the main characteristics and what may be the details that may disturb the fishing action, but we will never find a boat that is ideal for all fishermen.

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