Echo Sounder: Which To Choose For Fishing

Echo Sounder: Which To Choose For Fishing

Guide to buying a new fishing echo sounder.

This guide to buying a fishing depth sounder has been created to help you select the best sounder for your needs and fishing techniques, but especially for your pocket! The market today offers hundreds and hundreds of models suitable for everyone. But which echo sounder to choose if you are a beginner and above all, how do you use a depth sounder?

After having tested different in many years of sport fishing I have tried to draw up this guide for simple to allow an easy online purchase of a sounder directly from home and with the best quality price.

My passion for sport fishing has led me in these years to buy different depth sounders. My first one was a garmin fishfinder bought many years ago. In black and white and without GPS it allowed me to find the fishing spots easily identifying just as easily the shoals and sometimes even the wrecks. Well, nothing to do with the modern echo sounders rich in useful tools but I have to be honest he did his job.

Echo sounder: what it is and what it is for

Thanks to sound impulses the sounder translates sound waves into images. It is the transducer or the probe that sends signals to the computer to translate them. A simple physical concept that exploits the waves sent by the transducer. Such waves, once sent, bounce on an obstacle, whether it is the bottom or a fish and returns to the computer it translates.

It is an indispensable support for fishing and boating. It allows us to have a view of the seabed and of everything (or almost) what is under our boat. Of course not all the echo sounders are the same and the answer we get on the screen varies according to the quality of the product.

The echo sounder shows you the depth below the boat with different scales (meters, feet, ect)

The best performing models can also read the movement of an artificial under your boat

Echosounders with GPS are very useful to mark a route and follow it or record a fishing spot to return later.

How to choose the sonar

The choice is not simple, especially because the market offers many products. At this point we must understand what is our case.

The screen

In many, when choosing the sounder, they prefer to have a large screen to better visualize the background readings. A large-screen echo sounder also allows you to keep an eye on what is going on while still fishing. Color echo sounders with small screens are more suitable for open boats or small dinghies for lake fishing.

How the echo sounder works

To measure the distance between the keel and the bottom, the computer measures the speed that the sound pulse takes to reach the bottom and return to the probe. The speed of sound in the water is about 1.5 Km per second. So the better the probe is the better the reading of the instrument.

What types of echosounder there are on the market

1.Basic echo sounder

2.The GPS sounder

3.The 3D echo sounder

4.the WIFI echo sounder

The Basic echo sounder (laptops)

Allows you to read the bottom in a simple way giving us the opportunity to know the depth and temperature of the water. There are many basic soundtracks on the market, many of which are little known brands and often come from Asian countries. The prices of the latter start at 50 usd. The same models of brands known as Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance cost a few tens of dollars more ‘and sincerely also seen the warranty service and after-sales I advise you to take a product of a known brand rather than 50 models usd of unlikely Chinese brands.

Echosounder with integrated GPS

And ‘what I recommend especially for sea fishing and for spinning fishing enthusiasts in fresh water. It allows you with a single purchase to have two very important tools for fishing. The first with all the standard features of a fishfinder, the latter allows you to easily get to the fishing area. All with just one tool. If you are passionate about fishing, the purchase of this tool will change your life. Above all because with a single expense you have two instruments instead of finding yourself buying a separate GPS time later and paying up to 150 dollarss depending on the instrument you choose. My advice is the Lowrance Hook 2 4x with integrated GPS. This is an intuitive fishing depth sounder with easy access to functions and a high precision probe.

The 3D echo sounder

This model allows to have a clear view of the profile of the backdrop in a three-dimensional perspective. The images analyze the bottom at 180 ° allowing you to find fish with a high resolution quality. Undoubtedly among the best we have the Hmys of Hummindird with 7-inch HD panoramic screens that allow you to better understand the potential of this instrument. A bright sounding that allows a clear reading of the fund. Naturally these tools have side view and integrated GPS

The WI-FI echo sounder

I’m talking about a search-fish or portable fishfinder, which has been on the market for a few years and that has made the boom among the fishermen to the blow, to the carp anglers and among the fishermen of torpedo fishing. These are portable wireless sonar that allow you to connect to your mobile phone and send the translated signals in images. This type of echo sounder allows you to measure temperature, depth.

In particular, the first wireless or wireless sounder (echo sounder) entered the market was the DEEPER, a ball weighing about 100 grams designed to be transported anywhere you need to view the backdrop. The deeper has entered the heart of the carp anglers but also of sea fishing enthusiasts who use it on the edge to observe the backdrop and place their mountings in the best place. The deeper is among other things used for kayak fishing. Many people connect it to a tablet and turn it into a real fish sounder.

The prices of the echo sounders

If you are a beginner and you are looking for a boat sonar opt for a model with GPS. The Garmin Striker 4 with integrated GPS is a good choice for example from the very low price.

For a basic model you can also spend less than a hundred dollars.

For 3D models we pass on mid-high-end prices. Good value for money is the Garmin Striker 5CV sold at a more than reasonable price

For the WI FI echo sounder I remain of the idea that the Deeper is the best choice especially because it is very reliable. There are two models, the Deeper Pro with GPS and the deeper Start without GPS

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