Useful information about cisco: Two species are distinguished: European and Siberian vendace. Belongs to the whitefish family. European vendace, this is a lake and lake-river form of whitefish, Siberian – river. European, forms, as a rule, residential forms, Siberian – walks in the sea.

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Cisco Fishing

Overview of cisco

In European cisco, the main external difference is very delicate scales, which easily disappear. European can form dwarf forms and, in general, it is smaller (Onega ripus up to 1 kg); Siberian vendace reaches a weight of 1.3 kg. The presence of subspecies is difficult to determine, while there are regional morphological differences.

Reproduction habit of cisco

It becomes sexually mature at the age of 3-4 years. Passing forms spawn in the rivers on the current, on a stone-sandy bottom. Spawning takes place in autumn, depending on natural conditions, it can stretch before the start of winter. In some reservoirs of Northern Europe, forms with spring spawning are noted. Fish can spawn at great depths.

Cisco fishing guide: Techniques, bait and gear

Cisco fishing techniques

Cisco is caught on float and bottom tackle, as well as on winter and summer mormous tackle and vertical lightness.
Catching cisco on float gear

Fish are caught at a great distance from the coast and at sufficiently large depths. The fish is held in the lower layers of water. For fishing, you can use both the float and the “running donka”. Fishing rods with “running equipment” are convenient for fishing. Fish is not considered very shy, but coarse gear is not recommended.

Catching cisco on winter gear

The most popular fishing for vendace is winter fishing from ice. To do this, use nodding rods. Apply mormyshka or hooks with a nozzle. Feeding is necessary. For this, chopped clam meat, bloodworms, worms and more can serve.
Catching cisco on mormyshka in the summer


For fishing with a nodding tackle, specially equipped fly-fishing rods with special nods are used. Normal winter mormyshka are suitable for fishing: a pellet, an ant, and a drop. It is better to use dark models. Nods and weight of mormyshka are selected relative to fishing conditions.

Cisco fishing bait

The bait is chunks of mollusk meat, invertebrate larvae, including bloodworms, worms, and fish fillets. When fishing for spinners, it is also recommended to plant pieces of meat.

Where to catch cisco

The fish lives in reservoirs of the entire Arctic Ocean. The distribution range of European and Siberian cisco is mixed. Siberian cisco is also found in North America. In the rivers keeps deep, with a weak course of places. The behavior of the fish is similar to other whitefish. In lakes it is kept far from the coast, schools of fish move in search of accumulations of zooplankton. Large individuals in the lakes live at great depths, sometimes up to 15 m.

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