This is a universe species of American origin. It is also called Ictiobus. The largest bigmouth buffalo can reach a weight of more than 40 kg. The behavior and appearance of the fish is a bit similar to silver crucian carp and carp. Except that buffalo prefers muddy waters with muddy bottoms.

Reproduction habits: Depending on the subspecies, the fish mature in 3-5 years of life. Spawns in April-May, females lay eggs on plants. During spawning, it gets into large flocks.

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Buffalo Fishing

Buffalo fishing guide: Techniques, bait and gear

The general similarity of lifestyle and behavior with silver carp can help in choosing fishing methods. The main fishing gear can be considered bottom and float gear.

Choose fishing gear for buffalo fishing


The fishing rod, as in the case of crucian carp, is the most popular equipment for fishing this fish. The main criteria for choosing gear are related to the desires of the fisherman and the specific reservoir. One thing is for sure, that in the case of fishing in water bodies with difficult terrain and fishing conditions, it is better to use gear that can be described as reliable. When fishing for many cyprinids, the basis of successful fishing is roving, bait and bait. Buffalo is no exception in this case. The second factor in successful fishing is the choice of time and place of fishing. Fish is considered thermophilic; in winter, it practically does not feed, falling into suspended animation.

Catching buffalo on bottom gear


Buffalo can be caught on the simplest gear, but from the bottom you should give preference to the feeder or picker. This is fishing on bottom gear, most often using feeders. Very convenient for most, even inexperienced anglers. They allow the fisherman to be quite mobile in the pond, and because of the possibility of point feeding, they can quickly “collect” fish in a given place. The feeder and picker as separate types of equipment differ only in the length of the rod. The basis is the presence of a bait tank-sinker (feeder) and interchangeable tops on the rod. The tops vary depending on the fishing conditions and the weight of the feeder used. Nozzles for fishing can be of any kind, either of plant origin or animal, including pasta. This fishing method is available to everyone. Tackle is not demanding on additional accessories and specialized equipment. This allows you to fish in virtually any water body. It is worth paying attention to the choice of feeders in shape and size, as well as bait mixtures. This is due to the conditions of the reservoir (river, pond, etc.) and the food preferences of local fish.

Buffalo fishing bait

For buffalo fishing use animal and vegetable baits. Among animals, dung worms should be preferred, and plant tips can be very different. These are boilies, canned corn, steamed cereals, dough and bread. In warm time, buffalo rises in the upper layers of water.

Buffalo fishing place

The homeland of buffalo is North America, the largest part of the distribution area is located in the United States. Ictiobus has been bred for a long time in Belarus. Now it can be caught in paid reservoirs of fish farms. Fish prefers warm water, tolerates turbidity well.

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