Sony is one of the world leaders in the production of digital cameras. This Japanese company started with the radio, then became famous for video game consoles, and only then, at the beginning of the 21st century, when even professional photographers began to abandon mechanical devices in favor of electronic ones, Sony entered the game with camera manufacturers.

Sony produces compact, stylish and well-stocked cameras. In the budget segment, the brand outperforms the famous competitors Nikon and Canon with an attractive price and design, in the middle price range it attracts with “ultrasound” and natural color reproduction, and in the premium segment it pleases users with a whole set of modern functions, including 4K shooting and at least three-axis optical stabilization.

Consider the best cameras from Sony in various categories.

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Sony Camera Reviews

Best Sony Compact Cameras

#1 Sony DSC-RX100M4 Camera


Highlights of Sony DSC-RX100M4:

Built-in stereo microphones

Steady-Shot image stabilization

13 Picture Effects (27 with variations)

A smart compact camera that can shoot in 4K and knows what Slow Motion is. It’s amazing that this kid creates ultra-high-resolution content and shoots videos with the effect of slow motion. With the right, professional time lapse effect. All other advantages of the camera fade in front of these two, but still they are worthy of attention: a 21 megapixel matrix, ISO in the range of 125–25600, an optical stabilizer and optical zoom that enlarge the image by 2.9 times, the ability to shoot in RAW format, and disable noise reduction powered by USB.

The Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 has two tangible disadvantages:

  • Price. This cost is scary in the compact camera segment.
  • Weak battery. Like all “compact”, this gadget is endowed with a small battery for the sake of pocket size. If for creating a photo the battery is enough for 280 frames, then when shooting video, the capacity is enough for 5 minutes in 4K format. Owners in reviews share advice – connect an external recorder.

This is the best offer for tourists who are not constrained by means.

#2 Sony DSC-HX60V/B Camera


Highlights of Sony DSC-HX60V/B:

New Bionz X processor

Optical Steady Shot image stabilization

20.4-million-pixel Exmor R CMOS sensor

It’s amazing how engineers managed to shove optics with a 30x zoom function into this compact device weighing 250 grams. I am glad that the camera can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet and immediately upload the footage to the social network (thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi).

There is an optical stabilizer and a battery withstanding 380 frames. The matrix is ​​20.4 megapixels, there is a macro mode and a three-inch screen. There is no viewfinder, you have to be content with the functionality of the screen.

Some users complain about the “noise” in the photos. In the reviews, experienced owners shared useful advice: you need to set the correct settings: ISO select a value below 400, style – standard, contrast (-1), saturation (-2), sharpness (-3), disable D-R. With the specified settings, the photos do not “make noise” and delight in quality.

#3 Sony DSC-RX10 Cybershot Camera


Highlights of Sony DSC-RX10:

Up to 10 FPS continuous shooting

Built-in 1.44M dot electronic viewfinder

Quick focusing even at telephoto range

This is an “adult” option among pocket offers. Thanks to Carl Zeiss glass optics with aperture of 2.8 over the entire range of focal lengths of 24-200, an inch matrix, a fast processor and an abundance of manual settings, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 is seen as a universal camera. Sony provided for the ability to control video during shooting, equipped Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 with tracking autofocus (relevant when creating video content).

The camera is suitable for both daily photo shooting and video shooting – a great option for bloggers, to replenish family archives and for advanced users. The display is folding, there is support for wireless communication with a smartphone / tablet. This is no longer a soap box – even night photos will not be full of noise. In portrait shooting, it’s really possible to blur the background and bokeh effect. The main disadvantages of the model: cost, weak battery (felt when shooting video).

#4 Sony RX100 II Camera


Highlights of Sony RX100 II:

Auto Object Framing

Face Detection/ Registration technology

Optical SteadyShot® with 3-way Active Mode

A solid compact model with a length of just over 10 cm is ideal for travel, daily routine and special occasions. Yes, this is a universal model that will suit a variety of tasks. With all its compactness, it fit 20.9 megapixels, 3.6x optical zoom, Wi-Fi, a 3-inch swivel screen and the legendary Carl Zeiss optics.

This updated version of the legendary DSC-RX100 can shoot in 5472 x 3648 resolution, in JPEG or RAW format. Manual mode is very convenient – the aperture size varies with a wheel around the lens, the shutter speed – with a multifunction switch, and other parameters are available in the menu through the Fn button.

The most used adjustments can be made to the soft keys. The main disadvantage is incorrect autofocus operation in poor lighting conditions (a common disease of cameras) and a weak flash (but it is possible to set the external one).

Best DSLR Cameras from SONY

#5 Sony Alpha A99 II ILCA99M2 DSLR Camera


Highlights of Sony Alpha A99 II:

Hybrid Phase Detection AF System

S&Q Motion in Full HD from 1-120 fps

5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization

A professional SLR camera is not for mere mortals. Of the main features – the resolution of the matrix is ​​43 megapixels, creating photos in 4K format and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless interfaces.

Focusing deserves special attention: there is phase autofocus with the ability to manually focus, and the number of focus points exceeds 70. And it is especially nice that even autofocus can be adjusted. He is also very fast. Electronic shutter – acts quietly, smartly and softly. Geeks will be glad to customize the buttons for themselves.

Among the shortcomings is a weak battery, the small capacity of which is strongly felt when shooting video, since when it takes pictures it can withstand 390 frames – not bad. If you save power by turning off the display and using only the viewfinder, the battery life will increase significantly.

#6 Sony A77II DSLR Camera


Highlights of Sony A77II:

Diffraction-Reducing Technology

Advanced BIONZ X image processing

Three-way Tilt and Swivel LCD Screen

Advanced model with universal features. The maximum resolution of the resulting images is 6000×4000. A 24 megapixel matrix creates detailed, clear frames. Owners complain about the low survivability of the battery – the capacity is designed for 410 photos.

Of the amenities – an electronic viewfinder, showing the whole picture is completely what it will be in the photo. The screen is rotary, which is the norm in this price range. Hybrid autofocus, fast and almost misses. There is a manual focus.

Of the nuances – exactingness to ISO. With overestimated performance, the photos are “laughed at.” The problem can be cured by the direct-handedness of the photographer and the correct setting of the settings. After a deep acquaintance with this model, only pleasant impressions remain, especially since the buttons are conveniently located and programmed with obvious care for the photographer.

#7 Sony A68 Translucent Mirror DSLR Camera


Highlights of Sony A68 Translucent:

Full-Time LiveView in LCD or EVF

8fps continuous shooting3 with AF

OLED Tru-Finder Electronic Viewfinder

SLR camera for advanced users. There is a 24-megapixel sensor, a 12-meter flash, a rotatable LCD screen and phase detection autofocus (faster and more accurate than contrast).

The camera shoots in JPEG and RAW, you can connect a remote control to it (now the photographer can also be present on collective photos without the need to set a timer), noise reduction works and there is the possibility of setting ISO limits for automatic adjustment. By the way, ISO values ​​are available in the range of 100–25600.

The main disadvantage is the budget complete lens, which does not reveal the full potential of the camera. If you have something to replace the basic lens, feel free to buy this model, install your optics and enjoy quality shots. If not, expect additional costs — to buy a good lens, such as the Minolta AF, which is praised in the reviews and know as one of the best sony cameras.

#8 Sony SLT-A58K DSLR Camera


Highlights of Sony SLT-A58K:

Sweep Panorama™ Mode

High ISO sensitivity, low noise

Advanced 15-point AF system

An ideal amateur “SLR” for beginners and not only. The camera has already been tested by time and still remains an actual model in the line from Sony.

Here is a simple lens, but even with it you can create great shots if you switch the device to manual mode and deal with the settings. 20.4 megapixel matrix, a 2.7-inch rotary screen, a small weight for the SLR camera – 573 grams, a capacious battery for 690 photos (users in the reviews say that by turning off the display and using only the viewfinder, you can increase autonomy to over a thousand frames), phase detection autofocus and electronic viewfinder.

In conditions of insufficient light, the camera loses its position – it makes noise and loses focus. But in good light produces clear, detailed and colour-rich frames. For fans of US optics, Sony has a bonus in store – the lens is connected with an adapter without a focusing chip. But it is still one of the best Sony cameras.

Best Mirrorless Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses

#9 Sony Alpha A6500 Mirrorless Camera


Highlights of Sony Alpha A6500:

24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor

Wide 425 phase detection AF points

4K movie recording3 and pro video features

Professional compact version with a 25MP matrix and the ability to change optics. Here, a rotary screen, fast autofocus, excellent ergonomics and many programmable keys. Among the shortcomings is a small selection of branded lenses, especially fast lenses. You can use non-native models, but using an adapter, problems with autofocus can occur.

The camera is not afraid of high ISO values ​​- it removes without “noise” up to 3200. The stabilization is gorgeous, it is possible to connect a smartphone as a remote control. Video Alpha ILCE-6500 Body shoots in 4K with tracking autofocus.

A significant minus is a low-capacity battery, this is treated using an external battery. Of the unobvious advantages – pocket size (excluding optics), a touch screen, hybrid autofocus and low weight (up to 500 grams). A great option for professional photo and video shooting.

#10 Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera


Highlights of Sony a7R II:

Tough magnesium alloy body

Durable reduced-vibration shutter

2.4-million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder w/ZEISS T- coating

Ideal for professional photographers and those on the way to this title. The camera combines compact dimensions, professional features and support for different lenses. A large supply of megapixels allows you to sprinkle a photo without fear of losing quality.

The noise-free working ISO range is amazing. Pleased with the ability to recharge from an external battery. Five-axis stabilization works quickly and correctly – it is not possible to lubricate the frame. The video also shoots great: there are several recording modes. The colors are natural, the sharpness is impressive, the sensitivity is high, there is a convenient rotary display.

There are few drawbacks: a small battery, autofocus is not for dynamic scenes, a simple belt in the kit. The minuses are insignificant and do not even cover a tenth of the advantages of this monster: starting from 4K photos with instant Wi-Fi transfer to a smartphone and ending with smart stabilization.

#11 Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 Mirrorless Camera


Highlights of Sony Alpha ILCE-6000:

High Resolution 24MP APS-C Sensor

Stunning low light photos with ISO range of 100-25600

Ultrafast autofocus with 179 AF points and up to 11Fps

Pocket version with a matrix size corresponding to overall mirror competitors. High photo quality is achieved through a progressive matrix, Sony post-processing, hybrid autofocus and a large number of focus points. The frames come out bright, juicy, detailed.

The most important advantage of the device is its compactness and low weight. This is ideal for travel, hiking, daily routine. It doesn’t cost anything to put in a bag “just in case”. There is a rotary screen, but not a full one – it moves only up and down.

Focusing speed is sufficient, but not instantaneous. The problem is partially solved using the Nekitovsky lens. An interesting bonus – the regular flash can rotate. Macro mode works when approaching – otherwise, catching focus is problematic. As in other Sony models, there is Wi-Fi for instant transfer of footage to a smartphone.

#12 Sony a5100 Mirrorless Camera


Highlights of Sony a5100:

Built-in pop-up flash brightens the scene

Ultra-fast auto focus with 179 AF points and 6Fps

Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi and NFC1

Mirrorless camera with SLR capabilities. There is a 24.7 megapixel matrix, a three-inch touch screen and a small weight of 283 grams with a battery, but excluding the lens. The kit includes a mirrorless lens, but to fully reveal the capabilities of the camera, it is better to connect something more serious.

Alpha ILCE-5100 Kit pleases with a wide dynamic range, photosensitivity, correct noise reduction system, good built-in microphone. Users admire the simplicity of choosing a focus point – just a click on the touch screen in the desired area. Most of the shortcomings are eliminated by a detailed study of the settings and adjustments, including dim colors in the photo, incorrect white balance and sharpness.

Some owners complain about the insufficient brightness of the screen, but this is corrected by setting the flag “sunny weather” in the settings. Also, users note the inconvenient location of the movie button.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the best sony camera for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a sony camera I did not include, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Have fun and good luck!

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