You will require the finest fishing cooler whether you are going for a day of fishing or planning a multi-day fishing adventure. Your catch, bait, food, and beverages must be kept nice and fresh in the fishing cooler for the duration of your trip. A standard ice chest, a portable ice chest, or an insulated fishing bag can all be used for fishing, depending on your preferences and needs.

We’ve compiled a list of the top fishing coolers that are both functional and durable when used on the water. When it comes to selecting the best cooler for your needs, our buying guide, which can be found lower down the page, highlights the elements to consider. Listed below is a selection of the best fishing coolers available right now.

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Quick Answer: The 10 Best Fishing Coolers For 2023

  1. YETI Tundra 45 Fishing Cooler
  2. Engel 123 High Performance Cooler
  3. Coleman Steel-Belted Fishing Cooler
  4. Pelican 50 Quart Elite Fishing Cooler
  5. Pelican 20 Quart Elite Fishing Cooler
  6. YETI Roadie 24 Fishing Cooler
  7. Igloo Fully Insulated Polar Cooler
  8. Engel 30 Quart Fishing Dry Box Coolers
  9. Pelican Progear Elite Fishing Cooler
  10. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Here is an overview of the features of our top 3 choices. In addition, Our buying guide will also help you find the best choice for yourself.

Best Fishing Coolers

YETI Tundra 45 Fishing CoolerEngel 123 High Performance CoolerColeman Steel-Belted Fishing Cooler
Tundra 45 Fishing Cooler by YETI 1The Engel High Performance ENG123 Roto Molded Fishing Cooler 1Steel Belted Fishing Cooler by Coleman 1
Material:CottonPlasticAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions:25.5 x 16 x 15.5 Inches42 x 18.8 x 17.7 Inches25.5 x 17.5 x 17.25 Inches
Weight:24 Pounds43 Pounds2.25 Pounds
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Fishing Cooler Reviews

#1 YETI Tundra 45 Fishing Cooler

Tundra 45 Fishing Cooler by YETI

The Yeti Tundra cooler, which comes in at number one on our list of the best coolers for fishing, is, of course, the most versatile. In terms of overall performance, it is the greatest cooler available, and it is the ideal ice chest for fishing excursions because it combines exceptional ice retention with unrivalled durability in a small package that can fit in tight situations.

The Yeti Tundra 45 has a capacity of up to 26 litres. As a result, it makes for an excellent heavy-duty maritime cooler. It also has a dry goods basket as an added bonus. When it comes to cold retention, the Tundra is head and shoulders above the competition. It retains ice and keeps its contents frozen for days in the scorching sun thanks to up to 3 inches of pressure-injected polyurethane foam insulation, extra-thick walls, and a securely fitting cover.

The YETI Tundra coolers are unrivalled in terms of durability. They are absolutely indestructible, and they have even been recognised as bear-resistant, thanks to their Roto-molded structure. With this sort of construction, you can be confident that the Yeti Tundra 45 will be able to withstand everything mother nature throws at it, including UV radiation, sea, and even wild animals. Additionally, it can withstand any type of damage, including being dropped and bumped as well as being sat on.


  • Superior durability and ice retention are two of the best qualities.
  • Three inches of insulation and extra-thick walls keep ice from forming for several days.
  • A portable ice chest with enough room to hold 26 cans is available.
  • Using roto-molded construction, the bear-proof design is extremely durable.
  • Even when the cooler is placed on, the secure feet keep it from moving about.
  • It is delivered with a dry goods basket, which is a lovely extra.


  • It might be a bit heavier for elderly people.


#2 Engel 123 High Performance Cooler

The Engel High-Performance ENG123 Roto-Molded Fishing Cooler

The Engel ENG123 fishing cooler is the finest high-performance cooler to carry along on multi-day fishing adventures or while going for large game species. Ice may be stored in it for up to ten days because to its large capacity and seamless roto-molded shell, as well as a freezer gasket and compression locks, all in one unit. Its bear-resistance certification from the IGBC, as well as its compatibility with dry ice, are further highlights.

In the field of portable refrigeration, Engel is considered a pioneer, and the performance of this cooler reflects this. 2 inches of insulation is placed in the lid, sides, and bottom of the container. Furthermore, the food-grade silicone freezer gasket and compression locks form a vacuum seal, allowing the ENG123 fishing ice chest to keep ice for up to ten days in its storage compartment. With a 108-quart or 130-can capacity, it is the ultimate cooler for lengthy fishing trips.


  • Long-distance fishing adventures, compatibility with dry ice, and other applications
  • Because of the 2 inch of insulation all around, ice retention can last for 8-10 days.
  • The large storage capacity of the unit (108 quarts or 130 cans)
  • An airtight seal is created by the freezer gasket and compression locks.
  • A strong roto-molded container that has been certified bear-resistant by the International Green Building Council


  • It is too large to carry for shorter fishing trips.


#3 Coleman Steel-Belted Fishing Cooler

Steel-Belted Fishing Cooler by Coleman

The Coleman Steel-Belted fishing cooler is one of the best fishing coolers available, and it is a favourite of many fishermen and outdoor lovers because of its large capacity (85 cans), consistent ice retention (up to 4 days), and robust stainless steel construction. Besides that, it’s competitively priced and has a retro vibe that brings you back to the 1950s.

The Coleman Steel-Belted Marine Boat Fishing Cooler has a 54-quart capacity and is ideal for boat fishing trips. It has a capacity of 85 cans and is long enough to handle two 2-liter bottles standing upright on their sides. Ice can be kept for up to four days at temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit because to its heavy-duty construction, high-quality insulation, and PEVA lining. It is also extremely durable. If you’re looking for a high-performance yet reasonably priced cooler, this is a wonderful alternative to the Yeti mentioned above.

The Steel-Belted Marine Cooler’s namesake defines this high-duty cooler, which was designed to handle huge loads and resist the harsh weather conditions. A robust fishing ice chest should have all the features listed above, as well as rust-resistant stainless steel hinges and handles, a hard inside that is easy to clean, and O-ring sealing. Last but not least, the lid is robust enough to withstand up to 250 pounds, allowing you to utilise it as a seat with confidence.


  • Ideal for: Long fishing expeditions need a large capacity cooler.
  • Large fish cooler with a capacity of 85 cans and an ice retention time of 4 days.
  • 2-liter bottles can be held upright if the stand is tall enough.
  • Construction that is both durable and attractive in a retro-cool style
  • The cooler is simple to lift and carry because of the comfort-grip handles.


  • It is not the value for money product.


#4 Pelican 50 Quart Elite Fishing Cooler

Pelican Elite Fishing Cooler, 50 Quart Capacity

The Pelican 50 Quart Elite portable fishing cooler is one of the finest boat fishing coolers on the market, thanks to its rock-solid durability, three-day ice retention, and a superb collection of features. It has press and pull latches that can be used with one hand, as well as fixed handles that make it a breeze to transport. Aside from that, it is fitted with four cupholders, a bottle opener, and tie-down slots.

Approximately 1.53 cubic feet of internal volume may be found in the Pelican 50’s inner compartment, which measures 17.50 x 11 x 13.7 inches. Ice retention of three days is attributed to two inches of polyurethane insulation and a freezer-grade gasket that seals tightly all around the container in all directions. It’s ideal for a weekend fishing excursion since it will keep your food, bait, and catches refrigerated and fresh for an extended period of time.


  • What it’s best for: 3-day ice retention and exceptional durability
  • Latching mechanisms that press and pull are secure and simple to operate with one hand.
  • Fixed handles, moulded tie-down holes, and non-skid rubber feet are all features of this product.
  • Cup holders hat drain themselves as well as a stainless steel bottle opener are included.


  • Not the best value for money.


#5 Pelican 20 Quart Elite Fishing Cooler

Pelican Elite Fishing Cooler, 20 Quart Capacity

The Pelican 20 Elite portable fishing cooler, which has a real 20-quart internal volume and is tall enough to hold three wine bottles, provides an excellent blend of size and portability. It includes an over-molded handle with a rubber grip and an ergonomic groove to make carrying it more comfortable. Because of all of these advantages, it is the greatest portable ice chest for fishing on the market today.

As a result, the 20QT Elite can carry up to 15 cans, which is a maximum capacity. It also stands higher than most 20-quart coolers and has the capacity to hold three wine bottles on top of that. The ice retention of this cooler is above average for its size. You can be certain that this cooler will keep your food and beverages cold for at least 3 days, thanks to a continuous layer of 2-inch polyurethane insulation and a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket.


  • The true 20-quart volume and portability are the best features.
  • Ideal height and stability for use as a bench or seat
  • The rubber grip on the over-molded handle is comfortable to hold.
  • The cooler has ergonomic features that make it simple to handle.


  • It is not the greatest option for lengthy fishing trips due to it’s capacity and ice retention duration.


#6 YETI Roadie 24 Fishing Cooler

YETI Roadie 24 Fishing Cooler

Everything about the Roadie 24 portable Yeti fishing cooler, from the roto-molded shell to the latches and handles, is built to last a lifetime of fishing adventures. At the same time, it’s the ideal size for short angling excursions and for squeezing into tiny spaces such as the trunk of a boat or car trunk. Furthermore, it is one of the finest portable ice chests available since the chilling performance is exceptional and the cooler is free of leaks and humidity.

The YETI Roadie 24 is the ideal size for storing the basics for a day fishing excursion while remaining lightweight and portable. It has a capacity of 14 cans, and YETI suggests using a 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio while using it. Using extra-thick walls and two inches of pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam insulation, we were able to keep the ice frozen for several days.

The Roadie, like other Yeti ice chests, is constructed using Roto-molded plastic, which makes it nearly unbreakable. It has even been confirmed to be bear-resistant! Finally, it is fitted with heavy-duty rubber lid latches that form an airtight seal and are not susceptible to breaking easily.


  • The best feature is its portability and unrivalled durability.
  • A portable fishing cooler that is ideal for day-long fishing excursions.
  • Transport and packaging are made easy by the compact size.
  • Extra-thick walls and two inches of insulation keep the ice in place for days on end.
  • The roto-molded construction is extremely durable and certified bear-resistant.


  • The ice to content ratio might not be the best for your use case.


#7 Igloo Fully Insulated Polar Cooler

Igloo Quick and Cool Fishing Cooler

Igloo marine ice cooler are ideal for long fishing trips or chilling large fish because of their large capacity (150 quarts) and excellent ice retention (7 days). A huge ice chest doesn’t mean it can’t fit in an SUV because it is light and wide enough. With its size, performance and general quality, it is a good value for the price given its low pricing!

Because it is a huge 150-quart or 248-can cooler that is fitted with Ultratherm insulation and a foamed cover that produces a tight seal, the Igloo Cool performs an excellent job of keeping ice in its container. It has the ability to keep ice frozen for up to seven days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A quick-access hatch, which lets you to get to your beverages without having to lift the top completely, contributes to the improved ice retention even further.

Likewise, Igloo hasn’t shirked its responsibility when it comes to product quality. In addition to reinforced swing-up handles, durable hinges, dual snap-fit latche a stain and odour resistant lining and tie-down loop, this fishing cooler is constructed in the United States of America. Despite its size, draining it is simple because to the threaded drain connection, which allows you to connect a hose to the unit.


  • For multi-day fishing expeditions and large game fishing, this is the best option.
  • Ice may be kept frozen for up to 7 days with the use of ultratherm insulation and a foamed lid.
  • The top hatch allows for easy access to beverages without having to open the lid.
  • Swing-up handles with reinforcement, twin snap-fit locks, and a tie-down loop are all included.


  • It may get difficult to clean at times.


#8 Engel 30 Quart Fishing Dry Box Coolers

Dry Box with 30 Quart Fishing Cooler by Engel

There are four rod holders on the ENGEL drybox fishing icebox, which makes it much easier to handle your fishing rods. This is the key selling point of this icebox. You can, of course, take the rod holders out and put them back in as needed. Furthermore, it is a tiny and lightweight portable fishing cooler that may be used by anglers fishing from a boat, kayak, shore, or paddleboard, among other modes of transportation.

Its cooling performance is also not poor considering that it is insulated with moulded polystyrene foam and supplied with an airtight EVA gasket seal. It’s a fantastic 24-hour cooler for keeping fish and bait ice cold and fresh for a day’s worth of fishing in the great outdoors. Furthermore, because of the airtight construction and the supplied hanging tray, it makes an excellent dry box. When it comes to capacity, you have a choice between 19 and 30 quart capacities.


  • Best Used For: Fishing rod holders that also serve as a dry box
  • A hanging dry box as well as four removable rod holders round out the features.
  • Dry box cooler that is watertight, airtight, and buoyant
  • For at least 24 hours, polystyrene foam insulation will keep ice from forming.


  • It is ideal for only very short fishing trips.


#9 Pelican Progear Elite Fishing Cooler

ProGear Elite Cooler by Pelican

The Pelican ProGear Elite fishing cooler is constructed like a rock and is capable of retaining ice for up to 10 days in extreme conditions. As a result, it is considered to be one of the best fishing coolers available. Thanks to its elevated feet that are non-skid and non-marking, it is also one of the finest heavy duty marine coolers for boat fishing since it will not leave skid marks on your boat’s deck.

Because of its heavy-duty construction, two inches of polyurethane insulation, and a lid with a freezer-grade rubber gasket, the Progear Elite is capable of retaining ice for up to ten days. It has a total capacity of 35 quarts when it comes to storage.


  • Best for: ice retention for up to 10 days, boat fishing, etc.
  • The use of polyurethane insulation and a freezer-grade gasket can keep ice for up to ten days.
  • Handle system with molded-in and hinged handles on both sides.
  • Press and pull locks are simple to operate and do not necessitate the removal of gloves.


  • It might not have the ideal capacity for your needs.


#10 Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Breeze Roller Fishing Cooler by Igloo Marine

The Igloo marine ice chest is one of the best portable fishing coolers available, thanks to its 5-pound weight, smooth-rolling and non-marking roller wheels, and a lockable telescopic handle. If you fill it to its maximum capacity of 35 cans, you will find it to be quite lightweight and simple to handle and carry around. It’s also the most economical fisherman cooler on this list, which represents outstanding value for money when you consider the high-quality materials and performance it provides.

The Breeze Roller is a 28-quart cooler that can carry up to 41 cans of beverage. Cool riser technology is used to increase cold retention, and a hollow divider is included that can be filled with water and frozen to further improve cold retention. It is also available in black. Because of its design, it can hold ice for up to 2-3 days.


  • Best for Wheeled portability
  • On most surfaces, the wheels are sturdy and move smoothly.
  • Non-marking wheels will not leave any marks on the surface of your boat.
  • Three days of ice retention are provided by the Cool Riser design.
  • Fill the hollow divider with water and place it in the freezer to enhance cold retention.


  • It is not the best choice if you want to keep things cool for several days.


How to Choose the Best Fishing Cooler

Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for a fishing cooler, including your fishing style, the mode of transportation you use to get to your fishing spot, and the length of time you want to spend out on the water.


When selecting the finest cooler for fishing, the level of insulation that the cooler is equipped with is the most crucial thing to take into consideration. This influences how long a cooler can keep its ice intact and, as a result, how long it can keep its contents cooled and fresh in the process. A good fishing cooler should be able to hold lots of ice and keep your catch, bait, and beverages nice and fresh for the duration of your fishing trip.

Hard-sided fishing coolers typically have 2 – 3 inches of insulation between the walls. Premium coolers, such as those made by Yeti and Pelican, feature strong walls and freezer-quality gaskets, which allow them to keep ice for up 10 days. Extended fishing trips are made possible by this model of fishing boat. The use of an insulated fishing bag that can retain ice for up to 24 hours will be suitable for a day excursion.


The construction of the fishing cooler is the second element to take into consideration. It should be durable and constructed with tough materials so that it can bear the enormous weight it will be carrying without collapsing. It should also be able to survive harsh external weather, uneven terrain, and repeated collisions, among other things.

Hard-sided ice chest fish boxes are often constructed of high-density polyethylene. Additionally, the better ones are roto-molded for added strength. Marine fishing ice boxes should be corrosion and ultraviolet light resistant in order to withstand rapid degradation. Some of the most expensive heavy-duty coolers on the market are certified bear-resistant. Insulated fishing bags are often made of high-density materials such as nylon and canvas to ensure that they can withstand abrasion and are not punctured by sharp fins during fishing.

In addition, pay close attention to the quality of components like as locks, hinges, handles, seams, and straps to ensure that they are of high quality. These are frequently the first parts of a cooler to fail, rendering it completely ineffective. Their construction should be made of heavy-duty materials to ensure that they are sturdy enough to sustain repeated hard use without breaking.


A fishing cooler’s outside dimensions and weight are critical factors since they influence how simple it is to transport the cooler and if it will fit in the storage space you have available.

A portable fishing cooler should be small in order to be able to fit into a limited amount of space. As a rule, kayak fishing bags are long and thin so that they may fit snugly on the kayak’s deck or storage compartment. Small fishing coolers and soft-sided fish coolers should be lightweight to make transporting them as simple as possible.

FAQs About Fishing Coolers

Are metal coolers better than plastic ones?

Steel coolers are more durable than plastic coolers. Some people have been able to keep their steel coolers for more than 20 years without breaking down. Metal coolers are much better than plastic ones in terms of durability.

Has the cooler been reduced in efficiency?

A cooler’s insulation can degrade over time, reducing its efficiency. Your fridge will still be usable if you find solid ice to put inside. If not, it’s better to buy a new one.

How long can the cooler last?

Polystyrene coolers are effective for 18 to 24 hours. A model with a steel belt usually keeps ice frozen for 2-3 days. Ice can stay intact for 4-5 days if the cooler is equipped with push-and-pull latches.

What should be the temperature of the cooler?

Ideally, camping refrigerators should keep food at 2 or 3°C. Most electric coolers keep food 15-25°C below outside temperature. However, this will depend. Depends on the model you purchased.

Some camping coolers lose their effectiveness under the effects of high temperatures outside. This is a limiting factor in the usability of the device. It would really be more compatible with a forest getaway than a relaxing afternoon on the beach.

Can the cooler be used as a refrigerator?

The fridge won’t keep your food fresh like a good fridge. However, it can close the functions of the refrigerator when you go fishing. For efficient use, try not to open your cooler too often. Make sure to fill up as much as possible to limit fresh air leaks when opening.

What is a three-way refrigeration system?

Three-way refrigeration system is also known as absorption refrigerator. They are so called because they can be fed in three ways. This is for connection to a 12 to 24 volt battery, a 240 volt electrical outlet, or an LPG gas line.

The 3-way refrigerator is really flexible in terms of options that make it work. Unlike compressor models, they use a gas heat exchanger to keep cool. In simpler terms, they release heat instead of generating cold.

Final Thoughts

The best choice when it comes to fishing coolers is definitely the one that offers the best value for money. This last factor, however, does not mean the same thing from one individual to another. In the opinion of some, a fishing cooler is of good quality if it is manufactured by a recognized brand.

For others, choosing a good fishing cooler first and foremost depends on its characteristics. This is true whether the product is mid-range or higher-end. In particular, the quality of the insulation, the ease of transportation, the robustness of the structure, etc. must be considered. Browse through our list again and you’ll be one step closer to choosing the fishing cooler that best meets your needs.

I hope you have found the best fishing cooler for yourself after this tutorial. If you would like to comment, notice that the article content has not been updated in time, or suggest a fishing cooler I have not included, please use our contact form to stay in touch.

Good luck on your next fishing trip!

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