Trolling For Beginners

Trolling For Beginners

A beginner’s guide to start pulling and catching the first fish.

It is a fun technique and practiced by most boaters. Just a good rod, a good reel and an artificial one to practice this fishing. But they are not all roses and flowers, trawl (or trolling) must be practiced in areas or in periods where the fish is present.

What is trolling?

Coastal fishing is the technique to undermine the sea bass in the coast, the dolphins, the bonito, the mackerel, ect. Pulling less than 6 miles off the coast it will be difficult to make larger traps (even if fishing is not an exact science) which is why the material for coastal trolling will be rather light.

What equipment to use for trolling

In general we use fishing rods with a power not exceeding 30 pounds and fixed drum reels loaded with nylon of 0.30 / 0.40.

Advice for practicing this technique and avoiding coats

Recommended is the use of rod holders that allows stability during the fishing action. Once you have chosen the artificial you start by letting the terminals spin at sea. The advice is to use several rods and to place them at different distances from the transom. If you want to test even deep-sea fishing there are sinkers on the market that allow the lures to fish at different depths.

Bottom or surface

Coastal trolling, however, is a predominantly surface technique. Once the artifices have been run overboard the sea will proceed at a speed that will be dictated precisely by the swimming of the latter. In general it goes from 6 to 10 knots but some artificial bibs allow you to fish even at higher speeds.

The reels must be calibrated before departure with the buzzer open that allows you to hear the bites thanks to a sound signal.

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