Night fishing is a great way to get relief from excessive heat of the day time. It is accepted as the most standard procedure for summertime. The performance can be excellent after sunset and there is a great chance of catching some biggest buss in any given lake.If you are really interested to catch big bass at night, this article is for you. Check out the following tips before go for catching more and bigger bass.

Tips for Catching Big Bass at Night

For a successful bass fishing at night you must have some important tools like jigs, craw, reel and so on. And for your boat there are also some things are necessary like trolling motor. For more info about fishing accessories, visit Below I am explain some important tips for you.

Using your sense

Using your senses smartly is important because, in the case of fishing at night, you never see where you are throwing exactly. So, you have to rely on feelings more than vision.

Weather Consideration

Weather is the most critical factor to consider before any kind of mission. So, you need to consider the weather condition when you think of going to a night fishing. For example, during spring the recommended time to go is during the new or full moon. The four days before and after is also preferable. You have to check the night time temperature, the forecast for storm or wind again and again before the start.

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Selecting Proper Jigs

A 3/8 ounce flipping jig is highly recommended. You can pair the jig with a twin tail grub to give off a lot of oscillations. Using a jig trailer can develop the jig action and make an appealing profile. The ribbon tails, paddle tails, and claws are the most popular type of trailer. For more perfection, design a jig with proper shape and size of the head and perfect overall weight for a specific fishing synopsis.

Lures for Bass Fishing

For seeking fishes attention, lures for bass fishing are highly recommended form experts. There are various types of lures for fishers. Some are made for shallow water and some are for weedy water. You can choose for your best one.

Type of Baits

Tips for Catching a Big Bass at Night: Some of the most commonly used baits for bass fishing are:


The frogs are known as the most favorite bait during bass fishing. You never predict the availability of them on any specific night. The sound of a topwater frog getting engulfed is about the coolest sound. The color of a frog doesn’t have any impact really. But personally, I prefer to choose the black and then the green frog.


This is suggested strongly because the bass is normally going mad for crawfishes. So if you want catching fish more, you must need to carry it.

Peeler crab

Peeler crab is recommended if the bass size is huge. Bass accepts them as delicious and tasty food. Crab is cheap compared to other baits and you can keep them alive for a long time.


Used in case of catching a different type of fish and it works really well. Hooking multiple ragworms onto your rig and spreading the smell will help you to catch large bass.

Ensure Proper Outfit

With a miserable outfit, effective fishing cannot be possible. First of all, ensure a comfortable outfit. Then think about the emergency situation. Suppose your weather forecast shows that there will be a clear and calm environment on this specific day. But it doesn’t ensure that any storm won’t take place suddenly. So, while preparing to go fishing at night, consider all those emergency purposes. The lightweight fabric is recommended and take extra rain protective dress would be beneficial.

Pack Simple and Light

You don’t need to show off or carry a luxurious backpack with a lot of gears while going for a night fishing. Just put the necessary equipment and try to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible. Here I will suggest you some components that you must need to carry:

Bug remover spray

The bugs like mosquitoes or other wooden bugs are too much irritating during midnight fishing hours. If you don’t want to spoil your night catching experience, then carry a bug spray is a must. But make sure that your baits are not get affected by this spray.

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The headlamp is another helpful thing that may help you when you need quick lighting. The hand light or mobile flashlight may not so user-friendly in case of going fishing at night.

Snacks and water

Carry a large bottle of water with you because you may not find any reliable source of drinking water here. Take a sufficient amount of food and snacks because you have to stay here for the whole night.

Scissors and a plier

You need scissors for rope cutting or other relevant operations and plier for unhooked the giant fish.

Bring a friend having the same interest

We all know that having a partner or friend with the same interests and craziness as you is priceless. The most boring moment also can turn into a heavenly moment if you have such a friend beside you.

So try to bring a friend who has an interest in fishing. He may help you by advising what to do or simply stay beside you. A friend can also take some pictures to capture the moments. It’s also nice to have someone beside to talk in the dark and remove loneliness  and get know the tips for catching a big bass at night.


Night fishing can be a dangerous experience if you are not aware of safety issues. Always let someone know where you are going and share the detailed trip plan. Checking the weather forecast again and again before going for catching at night. Hopefully, these tips and strategies will help you plan and make the best fishing trip. Don’t forget to capture your moments. Just stay safe and have fun. 

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