How To Catch The Sea Bass With Silicon Lures

How To Catch The Sea Bass With Silicon Lures

Fishing for bass with silicon lures

Bass is a predator and like all predators it is always ready to attack its next prey. Taking advantage of its predatory instinct, the market has developed and revolutionized the fishing world with irresistible lures for these fish. Today there are many: top water or artificial surface, minnow, jerkbait or even silicones. I dwell on the latter to learn more about their attractive power. Honestly when I met these types of artificial I was not at all enthusiastic, indeed! I did not believe in their capturing power and I would never have changed an artificial for a bait. Well, today I changed my mind. They are effective, multi-purpose and easy to find.

I would not change them today with organic bait (called simply live bait), but in other fishing techniques. Spinning with lures is a separate fishing, or hates it or loves it. And if you can feel the feeling of having a fish in the barrel unearthed after a perfect launch spinning is a technique that can easily bewitch you.

The silicon man-made can now be used both from the boat and from the ground for about 20 years.

Fishing with silicon boat lures

From the boat the search for sea bass is a rather old issue. The ideal areas are the wrecks, rocky areas and steep falls rich in fauna where the sea bass seek food. Silicone manufactures are infallible in these conditions. Thanks to the leaded heads equipped with a hook, the silicon artifices arrive in the areas of difficult access rarely incurring. Fishing with silicones is mainly practiced in drift, with the passage of the artificial along the falls or the rocky ravines. Once the artificial is on the bottom it will be necessary to animate it with tugs on the barrel of the barrel. Alternate sweet movements to real tugs. Change artificial, change color and, if the fish does not want to know to bite changed area.

Spinning fishing from the ground with silicones

Silicones not made to be animated like minnow or top water. Use them to fish on the bottom, where the basses go in search of food. Launch the artificial, wait for it to touch the bottom and start a slow recovery with some disordered cane shots. Try to always maintain contact with the artificial.

The assembly of silicone artificial

siliconic bass – How to fish bass with silicon lures As with minnow and jerkbait, it will be useful to use a piece of 30/100 fluorocarbon about 1.50m long that connects the braid to the artificial.

The fishing rod

It is said that the more the material is light, the more fun it is. But not only, because the lightness of the cane will prevent cramps in the arms and hands. Use rods up to 2.40m with a casting power of between 10 and 40 grams.

The spinning fishing reel

Choose a light reel in size 3000 or 4000. Arm it with braid in 13/100.

The silicone artificial

Shads are the most used and the most effective. The vibrating caudal fin is a real thrill for bass. The rule is always the same, in case of flat calm change color or artificial.

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