How To Catch Mackerel

How To Catch Mackerel

Fish for mackerel with spinning or sabiki

Fishing the mackerel in a spinning or boat with sabiki is a fishing technique that will surely give you some good feelings. Once the mackerel grabs your hook you can easily run into the second or third view of the voracity with which these pelagic fish are thrown on the bait.

Fishing for mackerel

Mackerel moves in large banks. The difficulty of this fishing technique lies in finding fish. A widely used technique is that of baking with pieces of sardine. In this way it will be easy to bring the fish counter closer to the boat to start fishing. Today, thanks to the echo-sounders it is easier to find the banks but remember that knowing the habits of the species is perhaps the first real weapon to capture mackerel. In fact, the mackerel moves according to the temperature of the water, the meteorological conditions and above all the visibility in the water. With the calm sea the mackerel will sustain on the surface, above all in the presence of clear and still waters. In case of rough sea the mackerel will tend to move deeper.

Once you have identified the school of fish, try to approach it discreetly possibly with the boat in drift (if the bench is on the surface turn off the boat’s engine). At this point let your sabiki descend on the bottom animating them in a disordered manner. The sabikis can also be launched on the bench giving the strokes of the car and varying the speed of recovery.

In case you would like to use small jig castings I suggest you to launch them beyond the bench to animate them best when the artificial is in the cloud of fish.

Assembly for mackerel fishing

You can easily find ready-made sabiki on the market. Use a 13/100 braid in the reel with a small carabiner. At this point connect the sabiki slot to your braid. To get the sabiki down deep you can use a simple lead (weight and measurements depending on the current) or how many people connect a small artificial metal casting jig of a weight not exceeding 80 grams.

How much

Mackerel fishing is an inexpensive fishing. To increase the sensations during your beats, use light spinning rods. For the reel an intermediate measure (from 2000 to 4000) will be fine.

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