How To Catch Cobia Fish

How To Catch Cobia Fish

Do you know how to catch cobia fish? We introduce you to the capture of this fish that is driving the American people crazy.

It is a high quality white fish with a delicate flavor, it grows three times faster than salmon and is considered farmed fish for a very short time.

We are talking about the Cobia fish, one of the new horizons of fishing, whether it is sporting or dedicated to food consumption.

Cobia, known to scientists with the name of Rachycentron canadum, is a “new” fish, which is slowly taking place in the heart of the fishers and in the “pockets” of fish farmers.

A versatile fish, with excellent meat, which can be eaten raw or grilled but important especially because it is rich in Omega-3. The growth of this fish is rapid, can easily reach 50 kg of weight in 5 years, and females reach reproductive maturity at two years of age (about 90 centimeters). They are migratory fish that move from the Mexican coasts to Florida bays every 6 months.

Today it is bred in a few plants almost all in Asia, but in nature we find it abundantly in the Red Sea and in the coastal waters of the United States.

This fish with a strong and combative temperament can easily reach 70 kg of weight, and thanks to these two characteristics it is entering the top ten of the most sought-after prey by sport fishing in the world.

But what are the strategies to catch cobia fish? A strong and unpredictable fighter

Fast fish, endowed with great resistance, manages to make leaps out of the water like a marlin. It is mainly dealt with at surf-casting with different techniques but in the pacific coasts of the United States it is not difficult to find those who go looking for fishing from a trolling boat.

Used to looking for sheltered environments like wrecks or cliffs, cobia could seem like a peaceful and calm fish, but once in the reed it succeeds in unleashing an unimaginable force.

The most suitable baits to catch cobia fish

The baits: Cobia is known by the Americans with the name of “fish-eating crabs” that already gives us the way to understand what can be one of the delicacies of the sea that can attract. So crabs, squid and shrimp are the ideal gift to offer cobia. Of course, the baits vary depending on the season, but in the absence of natural bait we can easily resort to the artificial.


Although this fish can reach considerable size normally it is usual to fish them with equipment from 20-30 lbs.

* Florida legislation allows fishing for one specimen per person or a maximum of six per vessel

– Chefs Oliver and Batali cooked up cobia-based pacts in the “Battle Cobia” episode in the Food Network -Iron Chef America program.

– The largest fish ever caught weighed 61.5 kg (135 lb) was captured at the beaches of Shark Bay, Australia on 9 July 1985 by Peter Goulding.

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