Fishing With Spinning Reel

Fishing With Spinning Reel

Spinning fishing: how to practice this technique and … “go out and take it”

Spinning fishing is a fishing aimed at finding predatory fish, whether they are marine or freshwater. A story, that of spinning fishing that is lost in the mists of time. In fact, already Oppiano in his book Halieutica talked about fishing made with artificial.

Spinning fishing takes its name from the movement impressed by the artificial lure (from English to spin which means to rotate). Born primarily to capture prey with rotating spoons. Artificial bait launched and recovered quickly in order to stimulate the instinct of the fish thanks to the vibrations produced in the water. Today these baits are transformed and are produced in metal, silicone, wood or plastic. The most common baits are still the spoons that are divided into wavy or rotating, which thanks to a metallic scoop that rotates around the central axis, sparkle in water attracting the prey. The spinning spoons are also equipped with a small lead that allows you to increase the launch distance but also the descent in depth during recovery. The predator fish throws itself headfirst nervous by the bait, by the vibrations or maybe even by the color. The spoons are used in spinning fishing for trout, but are also used in the sea (albeit less frequently) for catching sea bass in the under-coast.

Spinning lures

Minnow, jigs, jerkbait, crank bait, spinnerbait and buzzbait, silicone baits.

The natural evolution of the teaspoons has seen the minnow, the plastic fish with anchors that recreate in the sea a small prey that escapes. In spinning fishing, the movement on the bait in the recovery phase is very important. A recovery that is too fast or, on the contrary, too slow, may not attract our prey.

Spinning fishing equipment

Spinning fishing does not need large equipment. It does not need too much preparation like the bait research. In theory, just a fishing rod, a reel and an artificial to be thrown into the water. Fishing rods are usually quite short. In fact, for fishing between mountain streams, the ideal length is between 1.70 and 1.80 meters, whereas in the lakes the length of the cane can also reach 2.5 meters.

Spinning: a dynamic fishing in search of prey

Definitely a dynamic fishing due to the fact that the fisherman must go in search of prey. Whether it is practiced at sea or in fresh water, spinning fishing is a continuous “launch and retrieve” in association with shifts along the coasts. A fishing that often results not very exciting for the very fact that the capture and ‘spinning is not so’ frequent. In fact, many are leaving this technique after having tried it for the first time. But spinning fishing is made of sacrifices and insistence. Tests and tests to try to be smarter than fish. Test different artificial, different colors, different depths until finally succeeding in capturing the coveted prey. Just think of the magnificent catch of Federico Bertelli in the park of San Rossore. But at sea the bass is not the only prey. In fact, it is not difficult to come across greenhouse fish, lecce, barracuda or perhaps lampughe that turn under-coast and small amberjack. Of course, spinning fishing can be practiced both on land and by boat. Spinning fishing from the boat is practiced especially if we are in the presence of pelagic predators in food frenzy.

What do you recommend if you are new and want to know how to spinning

Of course we do not talk about brands and we avoid advertising. You have free choice in choosing the product. If you have never practiced spinning and want to try it for the first time, you can do it without spending a fortune on equipment that you may not be using frequently.

Spinning rod

Medium spinning rods, power from 10-30 or 10-40 grams. But they are rods built for spinning and not adapted fishing rods (the result could be disastrous). For a good quality cane you can spend less than 25 usd. Avoid rods over 2.20 meters in length and instead look for two-piece spinning rods (best fishing action).

The spinning fishing reel

The spinning reel on the other hand must be your best friend. Resistant and fast, possibly with double reel to insert wire of different diameter according to need. Light models of 300 or 4000 can also be found with less than 25 usd.

The wire

The fishing line instead requires a separate discussion. But if you are newcomers the advice is to use a nylon thread of o, 25 mm to 0.30 mm.

Spinning lures: the choice is yours if you want to test. The advice is still to have with you minnow, rotating and leaded heads.

Do not forget to have some carabiners with you to hook up the lure to the beam, scissors, slam, ear net and a rag.

Spinning fishing action

If you really want to try this emotion then you just have to go to the fishing place and try to catch some prey. Start with short throws and recoveries at variable speed. The fish is not under your bait and you have to look for it. start moving along the coast, keep throwing and catching up. As we have already said, spinning fishing does not give great results in terms of quantity. But surely it gives them in quality of the catch. A fishing that can be considered highly selective that in a certain way respects the sea and the environment (even if it is always fishing) and extremely fun. Perhaps the true meaning of sport fishing.

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