Fishing In Winter

Fishing In Winter

Fishing in winter is always a gamble, but is it worth it? The last days of the year have arrived and with them even the coldest months … we are waiting for difficult fishing sessions, but let’s see together how to face this period without giving up our passion!

Let’s face it, sometimes when we prepare for a winter fishing session with a daily maximum of 5 degrees … we ask ourselves: “but who makes us do it? !!”. Then, however, when the float sinks and you take a real big one, you understand the meaning and you remember the reason why every year you challenge winter.

Where to fish in winter?

This is one of those questions that every fisherman poses at least once in his life! We have put it there a myriad of times … in our experience we can tell you that the small rivers and waterways are certainly the best places to spend a few hours fishing and get some satisfaction! Our region is full of canals, small channels, small streams that we can not miss this season!

But why are small watercourses the best places?

First of all for the flow of water. In these places it is almost always constant. In case of floods, these tributaries manage to dispose of excess water in a very short time, restoring normal flow conditions.

Secondly, the water temperature is definitely higher than a large river. Usually these watercourses are located near the inhabited centers: the highest temperatures of the cities are also transmitted on the water and we assure you that in some cases one more degree really makes the difference!

The best places where to fish in winter

Having identified the rivers or small watercourses where to throw our fishing line, we can not understand which spot to practice our passion! Already! In fact, if we want to catch some fish we must also understand where it is stationed! You will converge with us: launching a line in a place where the fish is not stationary will certainly bring zero bites.

Under the falls: deep holes, water turns are at home in these spots! We have always been successful in these environments! Do not underestimate the final part of the waterfall, where the bottom rises, the depth decreases and some specimens always wait, in the sunniest days, some small bait carried by the current!

Sunny spots with shallow and slow waters: these areas hit a constant sun during the summer and are not always productive. With the cold season, they can turn into real concentrations of fish.

Under and behind bridges: these spots are valid all year round and winter is no exception! In the inhabited areas these areas are almost always the best.

The locks or artificial barriers: in winter the flow rates of rivers are always smaller than the half seasons, therefore some barriers can be closed by offering deep holes with calm currents: excellent spots where to throw the line.

Turnaround: in areas where a water turnaround is created, it is like a successful restaurant for our adversaries. In these spots a natural food conveyor is created, with deep holes and little current! Optimal place to aim for a big!

Prismate or submerged trees: these environments always offer shelters and holes to our pinnuts and could prove to be optimal places to drop our line.

What do all these commercials have in common?

All these commercials share the current. In fact, a reduction of the current makes the presence of fish more frequent. In these places the fish is happy to stay, because it does not have to struggle, it reduces the consumption of energy that it needs to overcome the coldest period of the year. They offer shelter from predators, because they create deep holes and hiding places that allow them to survive. They bring food, because the whirls of water settle on the bottom all that is carried by the current.

When to fish in winter?

Unlike summer, the best times to fish in winter are certainly the hottest hours of the day! In our opinion the best times to fish are between 11 and 15 and preferably on the sunniest days …! A nice warm sun is always pleasant and also makes you forget a day of unprofitable fishing.

The lures to be used for fishing in winter

Surely the best bait to use in this period is the classic big-cat. These larvets offer proteins to our pinnuts that never disdain them if they happen to shoot … even the little worms are not to be underestimated. In this article we will focus on the classic bigots! Unlike summer, better to choose white ones, we do not know the motivation, but in our experience the greatest satisfactions we have had with this type of sarcophaga carnaria. Another consideration not to be underestimated is to focus on accuracy and not on quantity! In this period, our adversaries do not need abundant doses of groundbait: just a little, but used in the right place!

Baking mode:

this is another consideration not to be underestimated! How to use our maggots to recall the pinnuts? Better to paste them, or to shoot them? A good question … difficult to answer! Much depends on the spot where we throw our line. However, if the spot allows us better to spin our bigots, the fall of the larvette becomes an irresistible attraction and certainly gives more bites. Spot with slow current, even if with deep holes, they lend themselves very well to this type of baiting!

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